Dak Prescott Net Worth

American football quarterback Dak Prescott is a rising star in NFL. He was picked by Dallas Cowboys in 2016 draft. His contract specified base annual salary of $450,000 and $96,000 singing bonus. As of 2021, Prescott has a net worth of $400 thousand and we also know who’s his hot girlfriend.

According to tabloids, Dak is currently dating hot blonde Dallas Nicole Parks. She’s a model and her personal Instagram account also contains some pretty revealing photos. Some managers of Dallas Cowboys allegedly were not much happy with his choice of girlfriend. What do you think, will they stay together anyway?

Prescott studied at Haughton High School. After that, he played college football for Mississippi State. And thanks to his impressive record, he made it to the NFL. He was selected in the fourth round during the 2016 NFL Draft and promised nice salary. From now on, Prescott’s personal net worth is likely to grow pretty fast.

Dak broke several rookie quarterback records and also was picked to the 2017 Pro Bowl. We have a strong feeling his next contract might be even more generous as he turns out to be a valuable player. Prescott weighs 226 pounds and is six foot two inches tall.

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