Daisy Ridley Net Worth

Aspiring actress Daisy Ridley is receiving one role after another since 2013 but the end of 2015 should be her break through moment. She’ll be starring as Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Her salary for this job wasn’t disclosed yet. So far, Ridley’s net worth was about $1.2 million as of 2021. But since there’s a new SW trilogy planned, she’s destined to become much richer.

How Did Daisy Ridley Get So Rich?

Daisy was born 10 April 1992 in Westminster, London, United Kingdom. She studied acting at the Tring Park School for the Performing Arts. Soon after graduation, her first roles came. Smaller gigs in series like Casualty, Youngers, and Silent Witness. The last one being particularly intense, since she played a corpse in a morgue and it required her to show her nude body.

But her talent and beauty definitely caught an eye of someone important since she was offered really unique opportunity. Being part of a main cast on famous trilogy like Star Wars is a sure ladder to incredible net worth. We bet that by the time the third movie will be in cinemas, Daisy Ridley will belong to the Hollywood’s best paid actresses.

Fans are also very curious about her dating life. There are some rumors about young actor Charlie Hamblett being her boyfriend but nothing was confirmed yet directly from those two. We’ll wait for more information and bring you an update as soon as possible.

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