Creating Wealth: How To Build Wealth At Any Age

The one thing you need to avoid if you want to build your net worth, and not end up broke. Is being a consumer. Consumers don’t create anything, they consume everything. Sure a consumer may have a 9 to 5 job and earn enough to consume some of the things that they want, but they are forever on a treadmill and never financially free.

On the flip side you have the creator in modern society. The man or woman who produces far more than they consume while ironically almost always living in a nicer house and driving a better car. This is became a creator produces value and is paid for contributing to society with products and services.

Everyone respects a creator in modern day society. They are the Steve Jobs’, the Bill Gates’ and Mark Zuckerberg’s of the world. Yet they’re also the person you meet in your local internet cafe or co-working space. Diligently working toward their goals of turning their ideas into reliable sources of cash flow.

And while on the surface the difference is that a creator creates and a consumer consumes. By delaying gratification and working toward building a business that earns revenue and profit, the creators of this world actually get to use, buy and own, just about anything that they want.

That’s because of simple economics. They produce far more value than they spend and so can enjoy a much higher standard of life.

Yet, how? How do we become A Creator?

We need to get inside your mind and reverse the habits that cause you to consume, instead of create. Use instead of make. Spend instead of invest. All these consumer habits don’t impress.

It’s time to reverse the cycle, dispose of bad habits and begin creating the wealth you can build in this world.

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