Cody Simpson Net Worth

How much is Cody Simpson worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:January 11, 1997 (age 26)
6 ft (1.83 m)

About Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson is a popular Australian actor, dancer, model, singer, and songwriter. He began his music career in 2009 and rose to prominence shortly after in the early 2010s. Ever since then, the talented singer has released three studio albums – Paradise, Surfers’ Paradise and Free, all of which had both commercial and critical success.

Many known Cody from his high profile relationship with American singer-songwriter, Miley Cyrus.

Australian singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, model and swimmer Cody Simpson has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars, as of 2023. Simpson has released 3 solo studio albums: Paradise, Surfers Paradise, and Free.

Besides music, the artist is known for appearing in various films, television series, and shows. Just like in music, he found a lot of success in acting. His most recent appearance was in the Broadway musical Anastasia, in which he had a leading role. His latest act was in the first season of the Australian hit show The Masked Singer, which he would go on to win.

Cody Simpson is famous because he is multi-talented. He used his impressive music skills to gain attention and since then has flourished in many other areas of entertainment, whether it’s dancing, acting, or modeling. He was born on 11 January 1987 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. At the time he attended the All Saints Anglican School, he trained at the Miami Swimming Club and went on to win two different medals in 2009 during the Queensland Swimming Championships.

Cody’s career began in the late 2000s, specifically in 2008 and 2009, after he created a YouTube channel, in which he uploaded videos of himself from his bedroom singing both popular and unpopular songs. Among some of the covers that quickly went viral all over the internet were of the songs “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, as well as “Señorita” and “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake. At the same time, the aspiring artist was writing his own songs and released two of them called “One” and “Perfect”, both of which were released in the summer of 2010.

His talent was noticed by Shawn Campbell who worked for the popular label Atlantic Records. Campbell saw some of Simpson’s covers and decided to offer him a recording deal with Atlantic in the summer of 2010. At the same time, he began receiving a lot more attention from both the media and other artists.

His very first appearance on a national program was in a December 2009 episode of The 7.30 Report. A few months later, in May 2010, his first hit single “iYiYi” was released. The song became popular mainly because of the involvement of the well-liked rapper Flo Rida. One month later, in June, it was announced that Simpson will take part in his first tour – the Camplified Tour.

While he was touring and earning a lot of money, Cody continued to work on new music. His very first studio project, an extended play titled 4 U was released in December, just a month after the tour had ended. The project included five songs, including his first hit single and to further promote it, Simpson embarked on another tour in early 2011 called Waiting for You Tour with another rising pop star Greyson Chance.

What made Cody Simpson so successful was his quick rise in the music industry. Just shortly after he released his first EP, the singer released a second, which was primarily used to hype his upcoming debut album. Simpson’s first album brought him even more success as it included several hits – “So Listen” and “Wish U Were Here”. At the same time, in mid-2012, Simpson was asked to take part in Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour, opening for the popular artist in some of his European shows.

In 2013, Cody released his second album called Surfers Paradise, which was welcomed with generally positive reviews from both the critics and fans. The album was by far his best as it debuted at number 10 on the Billboard 200 chart. Throughout 2013 and 2014, Simpson continued to promote both of his albums and was even asked to take part in the world-renowned television show Dancing With The Stars. For the show, Simpson teamed up with the professional dancer Witney Carson and the two were eliminated on week 5, finishing in the 9th place.

Towards the late 2010s, Simpson continued his momentum and released more music, while also appearing on various television series, reality shows, and also modeling. He released his third studio album called Free in July 2015. The album was his first to be released as part of his collaboration with Bananabeat Records and his own label Coast House Records, which was established around that time. A few years later, in 2017, he formed a band with The Tide called Waiting for the Tide. They released only two extended plays together called Wave One and Wave Two before eventually splitting up in late 2018.

Simpson has found success both as a solo artist and in a band. After things didn’t work out with The Tide, the young singer decided to focus on his solo career once again. Since 2019, he announced that he has been working with various artists, producers, and songwriters for the creation of his first full-length (and fourth) album, which is expected to be released.

Simpson’s Total Net Worth

Cody Simpson has earned estimated total career income of $12 million dollars. As Simpson lives between the state of California and Queensland, Australia, he will have had to pay around 47% in taxes on his career income. After tax, it is estimated that his career earnings are at around $6.36 million dollars, having paid $5.64 million dollars in taxes.

Cody Simpson is not married and has no children. In his personal life he has likely spent $1-2 million dollars of his career earnings but also earned $650,000 from his investments. He will have also had to pay around $750,000 in business related costs. Therefore, it is estimated that Cody Simpson has a net worth of a rounded $5 million dollars.


Cody Simpson quickly rose to prominence with his impressive vocal abilities. The young singer has made a name for himself as both singer, model, and actor. Besides releasing three studio albums, he took part in many popular reality shows and television series such as Extreme Makeover, Punk’d, Ridiculousness and more recently The Masked Singer in Australia, which he would win as the “Robot”.

Thanks to his charisma and look, he has also found success as a model who is signed to IMG Models and ICM Partners. He’s also a brand ambassador for Build-A-Bear Workshop among many others. Both his charisma and singing abilities have brought Cody Simpson a lot of awards such as “Breakthrough Internet Sensation”, “Role Model Award”, “International Male Artist”, and “GQ Man of the Year”.

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