Claire Danes Net Worth

How much is Claire Danes worth?

Net Worth:$38 Million
Profession:Professional Actress
Date of Birth:April 12, 1979
Country:United States of America
1.66 m

You’ve seen her as a young star-crossed lover in Romeo + Juliet before showing off her serious acting chops in films like The Hours and Shopgirl.

Who Is Claire Danes

Born to a photographer and a textile designer, the arts were something that were engrained in Claire at a young age—growing up in New York’s artsy SoHo neighborhood didn’t hurt either. Claire was a privileged youngster who attended the acclaimed Dalton School in New York City while taking modern dance and theater classes on the side.  

Claire got her first professional gig on Law & Order when she was only 13 years old as a sexually abused child before landing a starring role on the MTV television drama series My So-Called Life at 15. As the awkward teen Angela Chase, Claire grew up in front of the cameras, even having her first kiss on-screen. Her performance in the series landed the teen a Golden Globe award as well as a nomination for an Emmy. But even with an award-winning actress, the show couldn’t stay afloat and was cancelled after just one year.  

We calculate in 2020, Claire Danes has a net worth very close to $38 million dollars.

Little Woman

But Claire didn’t let the bad news get her down and she made the decision to transition into the film arena. In 1994 she landed the role of Beth in Little Women alongside fellow up-and-comer Kirsten Dunst. But Claire’s big break came when she appeared as Juliet Capulet in the wildly popular William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996) opposite Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio.  

Despite a promising start in the business, Claire was still set on having a normal college experience. She began taking classes at Yale University in 1998, but as the roles kept coming, the psychology major was forced to drop out before her junior year.  

From there Claire went on to build up her serious acting résumé with roles in The Rainmaker (1997), Les Miserables (1998), Igby Goes Down (2002) and The Hours (2002). Claire was finally a household name and a talented one at that. She became known for her careful and deliberate project choices instead of getting caught up in the archetypal young Hollywood lifestyle that lured so many budding starlets.  

Two’s Talent

Five years later, after yet another string of critical hits, Claire was cast in the drama, Evening (2007). Although the film wasn’t a hit with critics or fans, Claire was a hit with her co-star Hugh Dancy. The two became romantically involved and were married in a private ceremony in France two years later.  

In 2010 the newlywed sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry when she starred in the biopic Temple Grandin. In the television movie, Claire played an autistic woman who made leaps in the practice of humanely treating livestock on ranches and in slaughterhouses. For her role Claire won a much deserved Emmy and Satellite award as well as Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild award nominations—the real Temple Grandin was in the audience for Claire’s Emmy win.  

From her first on-screen days as an insecure teen and throughout her phenomenal growth in the industry, Claire is a smart girl whose thoughtful career choices definitely show.

Defining Quote “In New York City everybody goes into therapy…I had trouble, I was seeing ghosts and stuff, but it’s to do with the New York environment, I guess.”

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