How much is Chrisette Michele worth?

Net Worth:$1 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:December 8, 1982
Country:United States of America
1.65 m

“My influences are definitely Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughn, which I incorporate into my live show. And then Lauryn Hill was definitely a great influence of mine when she came out, as well as Erykah Badu. I say those five people had the greatest influence on me.” — Chrisette Michele on her musical influences, to in June 2007.

Who Is Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele grew up on Long Island, New York. She first began developing her vocal style at age 4 by singing her her church’s Gospel choir; her mother was the church’s choir director and her father, who played the organ, was a deacon at the church. Although she dabbled in many of the performing arts as a child, including dancing and instrumentation, she decided to become a singer after a teacher gave her a CD containing the bossa nova standard “The Girl from Ipanema” when she was 17.

She later went on to study vocal and jazz performance at Five Townes College on Long Island, the same school that was attended by numerous other musicians and singers, including members of the groups Day26 (Que Mosley), Nina Sky (Nicole Albino) and Maroon 5 (Adam Levine). Chrisette graduated with a degree in vocal performance.

American R&B and soul singer-songwriter Chrisette Michele has a net worth of $1 million dollars, as of 2020. She won a Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance in 2009 for her song “Be OK”

Chrisette Michele Payne was Dec. 8, 1982 in Central Islip, New York. Grew up on Long Island, NY.


She eventually began performing at local venues and was spotted at Manhattan’s Village Underground club by India.Arie. India brought Chrisette on board her next tour as an opening opening act, and stints opening for Kem and Angie Stone followed. In 2006, she signed a contract with the Def Jam label and was initially used as a writer and singer of hooks on songs by hip-hop artists with the label, including Jay-Z, Nas and Kanye West. Her debut album, I Am, followed in June 2007, debuting in the top 5 on the R&B; albums chart. Although I Am wasn’t a blockbuster hit, it did feature the song “Be OK,” which would go on to win a Grammy. Her sophomore album, Epiphany, was more successful and debuted at No. 1 on the the Billboard pop and R&B; charts. Interestingly, her albums have been more successful than her singles, something that’s the exact reverse of most modern singers. Despite her first three albums reach the top 10 on the R&B; charts, to date none of her singles has cracked the top 10 on either Billboard’s R&B; or pop charts.

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“I Am”

Chrisette Michele may be signed to the hip-hop label Def Jam and she may have sung hooks in the past for the rappers Nas and Jay-Z, but she proves on her debut album, I Am, that she definitely is a R&B; artist through-and-through. Chrisette, whose singing style evokes comparisons to Erykah Badu, Billie Holiday and Jill Scott, has put together an album that contains the fresh, sunny optimism of the young, but is wrapped in an old-school sound, style and sensibility. And despite being only in her mid-20s, Chrisette has a well-polished voice that is just as bright and sunny as her apparent outlook on life.

Jazzy R&B;

Rare is the singer who can successfully incorporate R&B;, hip-hop and jazz into their work, but Chrisette Michele gives it a whirl on I Am. Despite being signed to a label that’s synonymous with hip-hop, Chrisette has defied expectations and delivered a very old-fashioned R&B; album that carries a heavy jazz influence. Some songs like the opening track, “Like a Dream,” sound more like they belong on a Blue Note release, rather than a Def Jam one, and other songs are unabashed odes to bygone era.

For instance, on “Golden,” she sings about yearning for a committed relationship: “I’m so ready to be like the olden days when commitment was golden,” she sings. Messages of love, fidelity and commitment are plentiful on the album, especially on “In This for You,” where she sings about her loyalty and dedication to her man: “I love you more than money,” she sings. Now that’s love.

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Despite leaning heavily on jazz and adult contemporary R&B;, a couple of songs on the album are hip hop-influenced: the up-tempo break-up “Be Ok,” which features the Black Eyed Peas’, and the darn good feel-good party song “Let’s Rock.”

Chrisette is so squeaky-clean she even has a song about it: “Good Girl,” a catchy, bass and percussion-driven jam is not only one of the album’s better tracks, it proves that you actually make a song about being good person that’s compelling. And that in itself is quite an accomplishment.

So the bottom line is this: if you’re a fan of old-fashioned, relatively drama-free R&B; and jazz music full of positive emotions, then this is the album for you.


R&B; lovers can sigh in relief at the release of Chrisette Michelle’s sophomore album, Epiphany. The album is laced with 12 tracks that infuse Chrisette’s signature jazz flavor with contemporary R&B.; Mid-tempos and a slew of ballads, which are accompanied by some sparse “feel good” cuts, comprise the album. With the aid of songwriter-producer Ne-Yo, Epiphany successfully tackles many themes that will surely engross listeners.

Vocally, Chrisette Michele’s unique and distinctive voice certainly delivers as she croons over mantras of independence, declares she’s a “grown woman dealing with grown woman things,” protests about love gone wrong, and pours her emotions out to a lover. The strengths of the album lie in its cohesiveness, vocal delivery, production, and in the intensity of the lyrics. The majority of the tracks successfully lead into the next, and although most of the songs are dealing with relationships, Chrisette’s heartfelt delivery sells each song as if the topics had never been previously addressed.

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The album has many highlights, but there are some standouts that shine brighter than the others. Chrisette, vocally, is at her best on the track “Blame It On Me” as she informs her lover that it’s time to call it quits, and in addition, she’s even willing to take the blame for the relationship’s demise. With the help of producer Rodney Jerkins the album delves into the world of pop on “Playin’ Our Song.” “What You Do” features Ne-Yo resonating in the background. Other songs that listeners will have on repeat are “Fragile,” “Porcelain Doll,” title track “Epiphany,” and “All I Ever Wanted.”

There is definitely a sign of growth encompassed within Epiphany, and Chrisette Michelle successfully dodges the sophomore jinx. Unfortunately if you are looking for the heavily jazz influenced Chrisette Michelle that was introduced on her debut album, I Am, then you will be extremely disappointed. But if you are missing the true essence of R&B; music, then you will definitely be pleased with Chrisette’s latest offering.

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