How much was Chris LeDoux worth?

Net Worth:$15 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:October 2, 1948
Country:United States of America
1.85 m

Who Is Chris LeDoux

LeDoux, a former world champion bronc rider, started playing music in his teens, while he competed in rodeos, writing about his life on the circuit. His songs captured the romance, the freedom, the dirt and the hurt of rodeo, and drew fans who demanded tapes of his songs. LeDoux had recorded 22 albums on his own, when Garth Brooks mentioned his name in the hit song, “Much Too Young (To Be This Damn Old). As a result, LeDoux’s music became more widely known, and he signed with Capitol Records Nashville in 1990. He released 15 since then, and sold nearly six million records.

American country music singer-songwriter, bronze sculptor, and hall of fame rodeo champion Chris LeDoux had a net worth of $15 million dollars at the time of his death, in 2005. LeDoux recorded 36 albums selling more than six million copies.

Gold Buckle Dreams: The Rodeo Life of Chris LeDoux by David G. Brown

Chris LeDoux holds a special place in the pantheon of great cowboys, having won the 1976 Bareback World Championship, he realized a dream few will realize. This would be the extent of his rodeo accomplishments, not a small feat mind you, but he would go on to be more popularly known as a singer, songwriter and perhaps the greatest ambassador to the outside world that rodeo has ever had.

This book covers the life of Chris LeDoux from his birth through his winning of the Bareback World Championship in 1976. It has a fictionalized style of writing that is at times pleasing but at others somewhat surface level. It’s good reading but don’t expect the huge amount of in-depth scholarship of recent biographies.

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The familiar style does serve best when the stories and unique adventures that are a part of every cowboy’s career are told in exciting detail. Lyrics to some of Chris’ songs are peppered at chapter beginnings and do a great job of setting up what will happen in the chapter. Rarely do we get to see in plain detail what inspires a songwriter to write their music, but I found that I was familiar with more of LeDoux’s life than I thought, as an avid fan of his music.

I read this book at the beginning of my rodeo career years ago, and have recently re-read it due to Chris’ untimely death. It is worth a read by all fans of rodeo and of music.


In 2000, LeDoux was diagnosed with a liver disease, and successfully underwent a liver transplant. Within six months of the surgery, LeDoux was on tour again – throwing himself right back into the hard-driving, full-force stage shows he was known for.

Late last year he was diagnosed with cancer and began undergoing radiation treatment.

A devoted husband and doting father, LeDoux spent his time off the road with his family at their ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming. Details on funeral arrangements are not known at this time.

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