Chris Gardner Net Worth

How much is Chris Gardner worth?

Net Worth:$50 Million
Profession:American Businessman
Date of Birth:February 9, 1954 (age 69)
Country:United States of America
6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)

About Chris Gardner

As of 2018, the United States had an official poverty rate hovering around 12 percent. Children all around the country are born into poverty and homelessness. Typically, these children have a much harder time being successful in school and finding sustainable careers. Chirs Gardner, born on February 9, 1954 struggled with homelessness when he was raising his son. Chris himself had an abusive father he has said. Fortunately he had an inspirational mother who told him: ‘Son, you can do or be anything that you want to do or be.’ It stuck.

Unfortunately however, he was put into foster care after his mother, in a fit of despair, tried to kill her partner. During his youth he decided that he wanted to avoid abuse, illiteracy, fear, and powerlessness at all costs when he grew up. He achieved this goal and has since become incredibly rich and powerful.

American businessman and motivational speaker Chris Gardner has an estimated net worth of $50 million dollars, as of 2023. After finding himself homelessness with a toddler in the 1980s, Gardner bounced back becoming a stock broker and eventually founded his own brokerage firm in 1987. Today he motivates others in success and business.

He has also gone on to spread a message of hope and change and found it imperative to share his story for the sake of its widespread social issues. “When I talk about alcoholism in the household, domestic violence, child abuse, illiteracy, and all of those issues—those are universal issues; those are not just confined to ZIP codes,” Gardner has said.

Gardner had a pretty rough start to life growing up and even well into his early adulthood years. At one point, he and his toddler were homeless. Gardner was able to turn things around for himself and his family when he was accepted into the training program at E.F Hutton. This program allowed him to quit his unstable sales job and enabled him to study to become a stockbroker.

Then in 1982 Gardner passed his Series 7 Exam and became a full time employee of a stockbroker firm. Eventually, he did so well that he was recruited to work for Bear Stearns & Company. His success and experience working with these firms encouraged him to open his own brokerage firm which he did in 1987 and he titled it Gardner Rich & Co. The firm did so well that he eventually sold his stake of the firm and used the funds to support the writing of his memoir.

His memoir became extremely popular and was eventually made into the famous motion picture The Pursuit of Happyness. As he acquired more success he began touring as a motivational speaker and dedicated his time as philanthropist.

Although all the odds were against him, he eventually began his own stock brokerage firm Gardner Rich & Co. After years of success, he eventually sold his stake of this firm in 2016 and focused his time on writing a memoir. The memoir became so successful that it was made into the motion picture The Pursuit of Happyness and Will Smith took on the role of Gardner, with his son Jaden Smith playing the part of Christopher.

Although Gardner faced homelessness, abuse, and crime at a young age he has acquired an estimated net worth of $50 million dollars. His worth is supported primarily by his earnings from his Stock Brokerage Firm; however, he also earns a good chunk of money from his memoir, the resulting motion picture, and his motivational speaking gigs. Gardner has published a second book and continues to diversify his earning and portfolio through various business deals, as well as ensuring to give, Gardener is a known philanthropist.

His ability to focus on the present instead of the past or future is what has allowed him to throw off the chains of his youth, and grow his wealth to epic proportions.

Gardner’s success is directly related to his dedication to overcome his trials and tribulations. Although he could have given up as child, he decided to attend school and learn from the mistakes of the people around him. As a young adult, although he faced homelessness, he stayed true to himself and persevered. His perseverance eventually landed him a job at a great firm.

His success at that firm helped him gain the experience and knowledge he needed to advance his career and open his own firm. With his newfound intellect and his ever-present perseverance and dedication he was able to operate a successful firm and write a memoir of his life. Now, he continues to remain dedicated to his values by serving as a public speaker and motivating people to try their best and to never give up. His story is now a best-selling motion picture that enchants people around the world and inspires them to keep working hard.


While most people would be discouraged when faced with homelessness or hardship of another kind, Chris Gardner used it to motivate him to be the best version of himself. And it’s worked. As of 2023, Chris Gardner’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million.Instead of giving up when times got hard, Gardner worked harder and preserved. His perseverance helped him stand out from the rest and he was able to become an extremely successful businessman.

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