Charlize Theron Net Worth

How much is Charlize Theron worth?

Net Worth:$160 Million
Profession:Professional Actress
Date of Birth:August 7, 1975
Country:South Africa-born American
1.77 m

Who Is Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a South African actress who has become one of the most acclaimed women working in the industry today. The actress has won several awards including the Academy Award for best actress in 2003, and successfully managed to straddle award winning performances in acclaimed dramas and at the same time take leading roles in several action movies. She has made a fortune for herself by investing in movies that have gone on to make hundreds of millions of dollars and starring in billion dollar franchises such as the Fast & Furious series.

American-South African actress Charlize Theron has a net worth approaching $160 million dollars, as of 2021. She’s one of the richest actresses in the world.

How did Charlize Theron earn her net worth?

Though there is no telling how much Theron has made for many of her movies, some of her most important roles will have earned her millions. Her breakout role Monster made $64 million off a budget of just eight million dollars. This salary must have been substantial because Theron also served as producer for the movie, meaning she would have made a significant amount on the back end take. The same year, she starred in the remake of The Italian Job with Mark Wahlberg which made over $170 million. And Theron also produced Atomic Blonde, which grossed over $100 million worldwide.

In 2019, Theron featured in Forbes’ list of top 10 highest paid actresses, earning a whopping $23 million that year. This again was less from her starring roles and more thanks to her production credits. She served as executive producer for the recently released animated remake of The Addams Family, which went on to make over $200 million. She also produced Bombshell and the Adam Sandler Netflix original, Murder Mystery. Though Murder Mystery wasn’t released in theaters and was only streamed, meaning there are no box office numbers to go by, the film reportedly broke streaming records, as it was streamed in over 30 million households in its first 72 hours, and a massive 73 million streams in its first four weeks.

Fury Road To Success

It didn’t take long for Theron to start getting major roles in the movie industry. Her two notable roles that set the foundation of her career were in The Devil’s Advocate, a Keanu Reeves movie in which Theron played his wife, and in Mighty Joe Young, wherein Theron plays the best friend of a giant gorilla. From there she would continue to amuse audiences in comedies such as Woody Allen’s Celebrity and Waking Up In Reno, and thrilled audiences in the crime movies Reindeer Games, Men of Honor, and 15 Minutes, with the latter acting alongside Hollywood heavyweight, Robert De Niro. It was early on when Theron proved she could juggle a variety of genres, but nothing would prepare audiences for what was to come next.

2003 was the most important year in her career up to that point. Theron starred in Monster, a biopic about the serial killer Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute who murdered a lot of her clients between 1989 and 1990. The movie was one of the most critically acclaimed of that year, and Theron won a multitude of accolades, including the Academy Award for best actress, being the first South African to do so. Not only that, but in the same year the actress hedged her bets by starring in the Mark Wahlberg crime caper, The Italian Job, a remake of the Michael Cane classic. Against all odds, unlike many remakes of classic films, The Italian Job was another critical success and it was so commercially successful that a sequel, The Brazilian Job, was green lit, though it has yet to enter production.

Since then, the actress has continued to surprise audiences and has shockingly turned in to somewhat of an action hero, starring in Aeon Flux, Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde, The Fate of the Furious, and more. Mad Max: Fury Road is a stand out in her tenure as an action star because, though she isn’t the lead, Theron has the most screen time, more lines, and generally more to do than Tom Hardy, who plays Mad Max. Again, she received praise for the role from critics and the movie outdid tracking numbers, making close to $400 million for a fourth installment of a franchise that hadn’t seen a release in 30 years.

What makes her so successful?

Theron produces her own movies so that she can retain an element of control over the films. And when it comes to producing, Charlize Theron has a great working relationship with Netflix. For the streaming service, she has not only produced the massively successful movies Murder Mystery and The Old Guard, the actress has executive produced the drifting game show Hyperdrive and the true crime thriller Mindhunter, both of which have come to be staples of the streaming service.

One thing that Theron does that most other actors wouldn’t dare do is partake in her own stunts. But with having done her own stunts she has also suffered a lot of injuries to boot. She suffered a herniated disc when working on Aeon Flux and had to wear a neck brace in for over a month. She even had to wear a thumb brace for six months after fight choreography went wrong on set of the Old Guard.

Arguably the most financially successful aspect of Theron is her choice of jumping on board of already well established franchises. Eight movies in, Theron joined the ensemble cast of the Fast & Furious franchise, which had already grossed billions and billions of dollars. Partially thanks to Theron’s performance as the villainous Cypher, The Fate of the Furious made more than $1.2 billion. Theron also stars in The Huntsman series, and those two movies have made a combined $500 million.


With having a diverse acting skill set more than most other actors, Charlize Theron is able to diversify by starring in action movies, comedies, and even award winning dramas. And thanks to her ability to skillfully produce most of her own movies she is able to make more money than she would just acting, which is why the producer now sits on a massive estimated net worth of over $160 million. Next year you’ll see the actress star in the ninth installment of the Fast & Furious series, and it is even rumored she’ll be getting her own spin off of Mad Max: Fury Road, titled Furiosa.

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