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Charles Lewis Jr. was an American entrepreneur, promoter, and entertainer who lived from June 23, 1963, to March 11, 2009. His estimated net worth was $15 million. Charles “Mask” Lewis’ life tragically ends too soon. The man known as Mask, who was a competitor in MMA, passed away in a horrible vehicle accident on March 11, 2009. He was only 45 years old when he passed away.

Charles “Mask” Lewis, a co-founder of TapouT, perished in a Ferrari crash with a Porsche on March 11, 2009. He left a fortune that was once estimated to be worth $15 million. 9:05 am, January 23, 2011. Masquelier Charles Lewis Jr.

American businessman, promoter and entertainer Charles “Mask” Lewis had an estimated net worth of $15 million dollars at the time of his death, in 2009. Lewis founded the Tapout clothing line in 1997, which eventually became a multimillion-dollar clothing company.


In 1997, Lewis and Dan Caldwell (AKA Punkass) co-founded TapouT, primarily a mixed martial arts apparel business, in San Bernardino, California. Lewis’s TapouT only made $30,000 in sales in 1999 with the help of his passion of comic books, some artistic ability, and intestinal fortitude. The business made more than $100 million in 2008. Grand Terrace is now the location of TapouT. A friend named “Skyscrape” who had initially supported Lewis and Caldwell’s concept, subsequently joined the company.

The company will never be the same after Mask’s death.

The reality television program TapouT

At the time of Lewis’s death, the TapouT crew had their own reality television program on the VERSUS channel called TapouT. The three pals, Punkass, Skyskrape, and Mask, stood out while riding in a tour bus seeking for mixed martial arts talent to promote and sponsor because they were wearing makeup and unusual clothing.

In fact, new MMA talent took notice when TapouT appeared. After all, when they chose to sponsor a fighter, it indicated they had enough cash to devote their full attention to training.

Favoring the Underdog

Regarding Lorenzo Fertitta’s efforts to sell the TapouT reality television series to VERSUS, Mask stated the following in an interview with SI: “The first thing he said (Lorenzo) after he finally had a deal was, ‘Now listen to me, Mask. We’re going to air the WEC on VERSUS, a new channel that has just launched. They’re new, they have something to prove, and I predict they’ll be popular. You had them in your rear, and I sold the concert. Although it’s kind of an underdog, I interrupted and said, “Well, the thing about underdogs is that they have something to prove. I desire to appear on that station.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction

Following UFC 1, Lewis and Caldwell enrolled in the Torrance, California-based Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy. The two, who competed at the time before TapouT’s reign, had little money, and they devised a strategy to deal with this, according to an article by Kelly Crigger in Fight! Magazine. Specifically, Lewis would pay the training costs and attend the classes for two straight months before ceasing attendance and letting Caldwell continue on his own. In between, the individual who went to school would impart their knowledge to the other in a garage.

Lewis was later selected by Royce Gracie to assist with his training for UFC 2, which was a tremendous honor.

Sadly, death

The iconic “Mask” was killed in a horrific auto accident on March 11, 2009. He was only 45 years old when he passed away.

Lewis may have collided with a white 1977 Porsche coupe while driving a Ferrari with his girlfriend at the time of the accident.

According to the skids and the damage to the car, Police Lt. Craig Fox informed KABC-TV in a statement that “We believe they were going fast based on the skids and the damage to the vehicle,” But at this point, we are unable to determine whether they were racing or not. It appears that the Ferrari struck a curb before flipping over a light pole. The car was split in two when the light pole collapsed on it.

Charles “Mask” Lewis had a $15 million net worth at the time of his passing in 2009. A 45-year-old man, he.

Mask was admitted to the UFC Hall of Fame in July 2009. He was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame as the first non-fighter.

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