Charles Lewis Tiffany Net Worth

How much was Charles Lewis Tiffany worth?

Net Worth:$35 Million
Profession:Professional Jeweler
Date of Birth:February 15, 1812
Country:United States of America

About Charles Lewis Tiffany

Charles Lewis Tiffany, an American merchant and jeweler who lived from February 15, 1812, to February 18, 1902, is thought to have had a net worth of $35 million. He established Tiffany & Co., a luxury jewelry and specialty retailer, in 1837. Tiffany, a renowned expert in jewelry, was responsible for introducing sterling silver, the English standard, in imported jewelry in 1851. He also created the country’s first retail catalog.

American entrepreneur and jeweler Charles Lewis Tiffany had an estimated net worth of $35 million dollars at the time of his death, in 1902. That’s over $1 billion dollars today after adjusting for inflation. In 2019, global net sales of Tiffany & Co. was over $4.4 billion.


Tiffany and a friend, John Young, founded a stationery shop in New York City in 1837. Soon after, they expanded their offerings to include jewelry and cutlery. In 1848, the company started making its own jewelry, and soon after that, a showroom in Paris was established.

Tiffany adopted English silver standards in 1851, which is when the name “sterling” was first used in the United States. He fully took over the company in 1853, and from that point on, it has been known as Tiffany & Co.

Significant Occasions in Tiffany’s Life

The “Tiffany Setting,” a 6-prong diamond solitaire setting that enables the diamond to receive maximum light and achieve maximum brilliance, was first introduced in 1886 by Tiffany & Co.

Some of the French crown jewels were purchased by Tiffany & Co. in 1887, which was a significant acquisition that contributed to the company’s development as a seller of unique and high-quality jewelry.

Tiffany also produced the first American retail catalogue.

An embarrassment for Tiffany Investments

Tiffany fell victim to a con game run by John Slack, a relative of con artist Philip Arnold, in the late 1800s. Tiffany overvalued the stones that Arnold falsely claimed were from a new mine in order to make a profit.

and bought the mine in Wyoming. Arnold made a lot of money from the scam, which attracted a lot of Tiffany’s wealthy friends, but geologists later discovered that the cousins had sprinkled the region with scrap diamonds they had bought in Europe. Arnold went on to succeed as a banker. Investors sued him, and an out-of-court agreement was reached. In St. Louis, Slack established himself as an undertaker and owner of a casket business.

Decorative arts and the Tiffany Family

Louis Comfort’s son Tiffany was a well-known and skilled jewelry designer, but he is most famous for his work with ornamental glass. Because of this fame, stained glass lamps are frequently referred to as “Tiffany” lights.

On February 15, 1812, Charles Lewis Tiffany was born in Killingly, Connecticut. He passed away in New York, New York, on February 18, 1902. Charles Lewis Tiffany’s net worth was $35 million at the time of his passing. Each year, Tiffany & Co. generates billions of dollars in income.

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