How much is Chaka Khan worth?

Net Worth:$35 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:March 23, 1953
Country:United States of America
1.62 m

Who Is Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan was born and raised in Chicago with the birth name of Yvette Marie Stevens. She was the eldest of five children, most of whom would grow up to become involved in the music business. She was introduced to Jazz music as a child by her grandmother, and formed her first all-girl singing group at age 11. Although she grew up singing, she eventually joined the Chicago branch of the Black Panther civil rights group in her teens. It was during this period that she adopted the African name Chaka Karifi.

American musician, singer and songwriter Chaka Khan has a net worth of $35 million dollars, as of 2020. With a career spanning 5 decades she is probably best known as the lead vocalist of the funk band Rufus, in the 1970s.

Birth Name: Yvette Stevens. Born: March 23, 1953. Raised: Chicago, Illinois.

With Rufus

In 1969, while still in her mid-teens, Chaka dropped out of high school, left the Panthers and devoted herself to singing. The following year, she married musician Hassan Khan, taking his surname. She sung with various bands during this time, but in 1972, she joined the band Rufus, and moved to Los Angeles, where the band was able to land a record deal. Rufus’ self-title debut album was released in 1973, and the following year the single “Tell Me Something Good” became a huge hit. Over the next five years, the band released several highly successful albums and singles. In 1978, Chaka released her first solo album.

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Solo Career

Chaka’s first solo project became a hit in 1978 thanks to the hit disco single “I’m Every Woman,” which had been written for her by husband and wife duo Ashford & Simpson. But despite her solo success, she continued to record songs with Rufus until 1983 when the group disbanded after the success of their final hit, “Ain’t Nobody.” Chaka has continued to record as a solo artist, and has had numerous hit singles over the decades, including “Through the Fire” and the Prince-written “I Feel For You.”

Critic: “Funk This”

It’s amazing that after decades as one of America’s greatest R&B-pop; singers, Chaka Khan is still at the top of her game. But at the top she is, and she still has an incomparable voice that’s miles ahead – and heads above – most R&B; singers half her age. Funk This isn’t just an album, it’s a clinic for singers, showing vocalists the world over how a true diva handles her business in the recording booth. Throughout the album, Chaka’s vocals are consistently powerful, self assured, compelling and most of all, warm and inviting.

Still Relevant

Chaka’s Funk This contains a mixture of original material and cover songs, but the right decision was made to kick off with a new song, “Back in the Day,” an autobiographical tune about Chaka’s life growing up in Chicago and her becoming a singer. For new fans, it’s a nice introduction to the woman and her music, and for longtime fans, it’s a nice refresher course on why Chaka is who she is.

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Once she gets the listening audience going on the first track, things really kick into gear on the second song, a powerful remake of the 1969 soul classic “Foolish Fool,” originally recorded by Dee Dee Warwick. “Foolish Fool,” about a woman fending off another woman who’s trying to take her man. This song, along with the next two tracks, the acoustic “One For All Time,” (which was written by Chaka with producer Terry Lewis) and the moving, old-school power ballad “Angel,” are practically worth the album’s purchase price all by themselves.

A good deal of the credit for the album’s quality is deserved by its producers, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. They managed to find the right styles of music for Chaka which give the album a classic feel, but still modern enough of a touch to maintain a sense of relevancy and not make Chaka seem like a nostalgia act or a relic from a bygone era.

Vocal Firepower

There’s two songs that doesn’t really work; a cover of Prince’s “Sign ‘O’ The Times,” and a remake of Jimi Hendrix’s “Castles Made of Sand.” It’s hard enough for any artist to remake those two legendary songs as it is, though many have tried and tried – and tried – over the years. But Chaka’s versions just don’t completely click on either level – vocally or musically – and don’t do anything more than leave you wanting to listen to the original versions.

However, this is a rare thing: the other remakes on the album, including songs originally done by Michael McDonald (“You Belong to Me”) Joni Mitchell (“Ladies Man”) and Chaka’s former group, Rufus (a medley of “Pack’d My Bags” and “You Got the Love”) are all well done. Overall though, the original material definitely shines brighter than the cover songs.

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Interestingly, one original song, which features another of America’s greatest singers, Mary J. Blige, is good, but takes time to warm up to. The song, “Disrespectful,” is sort of a modern-day version of Aretha Frankin’s “Respect” and starts off with the momentum of a runaway locomotive, but then has that momemtum almost derailed by an awkward chorus. Despite that though, Funk This is a must-have for devoted Chaka fans and can also be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates massive, powerful vocals.

Grammys Won

2008: Best R&B Album (for Funk This)
2008: Best R&B Performance by a Duo/Group With Vocals (with Mary J. Blige for “Disrespectful,”)
2003: Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance (for “What’s Going On,” from the Standing in the Shadows of Motown soundtrack.
1993: Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female (for the album The Woman I Am.
1991: Best R&B Performance By A Duo/Group With Vocal (with Ray Charles, for “I’ll Be Good to You.”)
1985: Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female (for the song “I Feel For You,” from the album of the same name.
1984: Best Vocal Arrangement For 2 Or More Voices (with Arif Mardin for “Be Bop Medley.”)

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