Casey Neistat Net Worth

How much is Casey Neistat worth?

Net Worth:$17 Million
Profession:Professional YouTuber
Date of Birth:March 25, 1981
Country:United States of America
1.75 m

Who is Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat started out as an aspiring filmmaker who in 2001 first made a film about the American artist Tom Sachs with his brother Van Neistat. Casey never went to film school nor did he even finish high school. He is entirely self-taught. Armed with a sense of what young people really wanted in the age of social media, he started making films and releasing them first via emails and other early apps. His rise to social media fame was when he released a video in 2003 criticizing Apple for not having a battery replacement service for their iPods, which was a fairly new Apple product at the time.

About Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat was born in 1981 in Connecticut. He dropped out of high school and lived in a trailer park with his then-girlfriend for a couple of years before deciding to move to New York. Casey was an aspiring filmmaker, but he had no formal training whatsoever. When he was a teenager, he made various home videos, one of him and his grandmother selling a car he owned.

He first came to the attention of the mainstream media when he made that Apple video, decrying the lack of a battery replacement service. Apparently, it would have cost just as much to buy a new iPod than to change the battery.

Today, Casey has more than 60 million subscribers on YouTube and millions of followers on Twitter. He has also accumulated a net worth of $17 million dollars. Casey is one of the most popular users on YouTube. His YouTube videos are very topical, taking on various subject matters concerning New Yorkers. For example, one of his videos addressed the question of when to pull the emergency brake code on the subway in New York. Other videos addressed issues like how safe the bike-only lanes in New York really are, and the penalties one could be slapped with for ridding outside the dedicated lanes. This video showed him being fined by the police for riding outside the lanes and when he was within the lanes, he was seen crashing into various objects and obstacles.

Casey’s representation of his life on his videos are real and not curated like reality TV. He shows the best 9 minutes of a day in his life. With his trademark charm and authenticity, Casey has amassed 60 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. When he is asked to work with a brand to promote their products, he tells his followers that he is being paid for the video. Often, instead of making a video of the brand’s products, he does something completely unexpected. Like for Nike’s Make It Count, he spent the entire budget making a video of him travelling around the world with his friend. The video started with him going to the airport and featured quick editing of the places he went to and various inspirational quotes in between, before cutting back to where he started in New York City. This video was launched by Nike on its official YouTube channel and by Neistat on his. To date, the video has been viewed more than 30 million times.

Another famous Neistat video showed him aboard Emirate’s first-class flight to Dubai which has also been watched over 30 million times.

How did Casey Neistat get so rich?

Most of what Neistat made financially came from sponsorships, like Nike. The bigger your audience is, the more the sponsor is going to pay to feature their product or service on your channel. Casey also gets paid per view of his videos on YouTube. Apart from his vlogs, Casey also had his own HBO TV show about the life of the Neistat Brothers – Casey and his brother Van. Casey also co-created a video sharing app called Beme, which CNN reportedly acquired for some $25 million dollars in 2016.

In 2020, we estimate his net worth to be $17 million dollars, and since he has a largely young subscriber base, he gets paid more per 1000 views. This also means that on some of his higher viewed content, he may well be making over $100,000 per video over 20 million view.

In fact, Casey has appeared in several of the “YouTube Rewind” videos, which is the company saying that they are proud of him and has probably been whitelisted on the website. Since he has a younger subscriber base, he gets paid more per 1,000 views. This means that on some of his higher viewed videos, he was easily making over $100,000 per video over 20 million views.

Since 2018, Neistat has also launched 368, a creative space for collaborators to cooperate.

Why is he so famous?

Casey is famous because his vlogging is part citizen reporting and part comedy showing him crash into a trash can. His very real and relatable content is also family-friendly, which adds to his widespread appeal. He brings to his audience a sense of authenticity that is not found in today’s highly edited social media and reality TV shows.

He picks on topics that are on most people’s minds to discuss and does it in a completely refreshing and genuine way, not that his videos are not edited – he calls his videos enhanced reality, the most exciting 9 minutes of his daily life. He prefers to be known simply as a YouTuber and disavows other fancier monikers.

Because he lives in the most diverse city in the world, he also talks about social issues that a lot of people care about. This can be about Racism, Politics, health policies, mental health and so many other things that are important to society. Most of Casey’s audience on YouTube are relatively young, and they connect with these kinds of subjects. They are the kinds of topics that affects a person’s early life and much of their identity is crafted around these controversial experiences. He also enjoys being a good person to the people who are around him.

On top of that, he has completely changed the way Vlogs are viewed. Vlogs are videos where you get to see an entire person’s day, most of the time, there isn’t much effort into making sure that it’s creative or entertaining. Casey Neistat is one of the few people on YouTube who works hard to maximize the potential of every second of footage that he shoots. This combined with the subject matter of the video draws in millions of views for every video. His creative editing and messages have made every new video of his a must watch. They are also easy to watch because they are not very long.

What makes him so successful?

Casey works incredibly hard to make content that people care about. You can watch them over and over again because they tell a story of what Casey’s goal for the video is. He wants to put events on the lens for the average person. Most of the topics that he makes his videos about are things that just about everyone can relate to and cares about. They also are short videos that you can easily binge and not realize how much time has gone by. He tells stories but is able to ground them in reality by being as honest as possible to his audience.

He has also been doing YouTube for over 10 years and he also tries to give the people who are going to be watching his content a voice. This makes them more inclined to support him because they know he is going to support them. His content is also family-friendly, so YouTube isn’t afraid to put his content at the top of the trending page.


Casey is at the perfect age where he is experienced enough on certain subjects that his audience is going to face when they grow up but young enough where his audience is able to relate to his life and experience.

Because Casey is just one person, you get to learn a lot about him as an individual. Sometimes, it’s a personal story about his ex-wife or the love he has for his children. Other times, it could be about helping an NYC taxi driver out. What makes someone hate him, or love him, is his stances on current issues that affect just about everyone. It could be the Coronavirus that has infected 6 million people, his stances on American political candidates, or the foundations that affect minorities in his communities.

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