Carrot Top Net Worth

How much is Carrot Top worth?

Net Worth:$80 Million
Profession:Professional Comedian
Date of Birth:February 25, 1965
Country:United States of America
1.78 m

Who Is Carrot Top

Carrot Top, born Scott Thompson, is a stand up comedian and actor who has spent most of his career performing at various hotels in Vegas, having had many different residencies. His name comes from what he was called by his swimming coach as a child, being a reference to his frizzy red hair, which is arguably his biggest trademark. The comedian’s use of props is what sets him apart from every other comedian, as he is undoubtedly the most famous prop comedian. Thompson has also featured in a ton of TV shows and movies, with many of them being cameos. Some his most popular features include Scrubs, The Hangover, and Reno 911.

American stand-up comedian and actor Carrot Top has a net worth of $80 million dollars, as of 2021. Since 1989 Carrot Top has been entertaining audiences with his prop jokes that have earned him millions for being on stage.

How did Carrot Top earn his net worth?

Thompson’s net worth is surprisingly much, much higher than many A-list stars in Hollywood, and it’s not from playing the slots before his shows start. People forget how long Carrot Top has actually been touring his comedy routines for, as he has had a huge fanbase ever since the 90s. It’s likely that Thompson has managed his money wisely, and jokes aside, avoided the gambling habits that are so prevalent in Las Vegas. Thompson has managed to stay away from any kind of cancel culture too, which keeps knocking off other entertainers in his industry.

The other differences between him and his peers is that he has had residencies in hotels for decades, which means he won’t get much exposure (not that he needs it), but he has had a guaranteed income for that whole time. Whereas other comedians who are super famous get a lot of exposure by starring on shows like Saturday Night Live, but it doesn’t pay anywhere near as much as a residency at a popular Las Vegas hotel. Thompson currently headlines at the Luxor Hotel, and he signed a deal that will keep him in that position until 2025!

Why is he so famous?

Though he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming an astronaut, or at the very least work for NASA, it was clear that Thompson was going to be an extremely talented entertainer from a very young age. When he was just six years old, Thompson created his first prop, which was four doll legs attached to a hammer, and was based on his dad asking him if a hammer walked in to his room all by itself. Following that, Thompson put all of his effort and energy during his upbringing in to finding and creating wild props, including stealing a Neighborhood Watch sign.

Thompson’s first job in the entertainment industry was a small one, but it was the start of a huge trajectory. In the mid 1990s, the comedian was the continuity announcer for the channel Cartoon Network, which was perfect for him due to his high and energetic sounding voice. He also produced and starred in the early morning show on the channel, with the typically Carrot Top sounding title of Carrot Top’s AM Mayhem, and lasted for two years. It was not long after this when Thompson started to see a lot of success, as he continued to appear on more TV shows, not just shows on Cartoon Network like Space Ghost Coast To Coast, but also on late night shows like Leno and Letterman.

Thanks to his comedy and energy, Carrot Top has been able to feature in a ton of TV shows and movies. The actor has featured in Larry The Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and Scrubs, to name a few. Though it’s hard for him to earn proper roles because his look is so distinctive, Thompson has appeared in the form of cameos in several movies. Most notably, Carrot Top had a cameo in the 2009 hit comedy The Hangover. It only made sense, as a comedy based in Las Vegas about getting drunk wouldn’t make sense if Thompson didn’t at least feature in it.

Outside of his work in entertainment, Thompson is extremely well known for his look and physique. Not only does Thompson have his trademark frizzy red hair, which earned him his Carrot Top nickname, but he has a body builder physique. People paid more attention to Thompson’s physique than they usually would, as when he started out in entertainment he was skinny and boney. Thompson getting super jacked seemed to come out of nowhere and people accused him of taking steroids, though he has always denied this. Along with the huge body transformation, he also underwent a lot of plastic surgery.

What makes him so successful?

Very few people have made as much success off of their stage name as much as Thompson has. Though Thompson is very successful at what he does and very few people can do what he does, it’s the name Carrot Top’ that has ensured he will always have a guaranteed audience. Even if he did the same thing, but went by his original name of Scott Thompson, he wouldn’t have been able to put half as many butts in seats as he does now, and it’s all thanks to his childhood swimming coach who first called him Carrot Top.

Besides his trademark name and hair, Thompson also has an alluring persona, as he is extremely confident and enigmatic, and his voice sounds overly excitable. Thompson has perfected a stage show for people who are easily bored, as his performances usually follow him pulling out a prop from a box, saying a funny one liner about it, and then moving on to the next prop. No other prop comedian is anywhere near as popular or as successful as Thompson.


Thanks to decades of promoting himself on late night shows and creating a brand so cartoonish and so unlike any other comedian in the world, Scott Thompson is the most well-established performer in Las Vegas. There’s a reason why the Luxor Hotel doesn’t want him to leave and renew his contract every few years. Due to his guaranteed income from his residency with the hotel, Thompson now has an astonishing net worth of $80 million. Thompson is now focusing on his show at the Luxor Hotel, as he will be the headlining act for the next five years.

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