How much is Carl Froch worth?

Net Worth:$20 Million
Profession:Professional Boxer
Date of Birth:July 2, 1977
Country:United Kingdom
1.85 m

Who Is Carl Froch

When you really look at Carl “The Cobra” Froch’s career to date, the level of opposition he has consistently faced time and time again over a sustained lengthy period of time, is quite incredible.

Today Carl Froch has a net worth of $20 million dollars in 2020.

Coming off his career biggest win and probably the biggest fight in UK history recently when he beat George Groves in their huge rematch, I think its fair to say Froch is now at the peak of his career in terms of achievements.

I mean to sell out 80,000 seats at Wembley Stadium is quite extraordinary really. To watch two boxers on TV fight it out in the center circle of such a big amphitheater was something I’ll never forget. I’m not sure will it ever be surpassed as an event for boxing.

Lets rewind a second and  take a look at just what Carl Froch has been doing these last few years. Essentially, since mid 2008 he’s faced the super middleweight’s toughest fighters and more often than not has beaten them all, with the exception of Andre Ward and Mikkel Kessler (though he avenged the Kessler defeat). 

Its seen a remarkable run of contests in the following order: Jean Pascal, Jermain Taylor, Andre Dirrell, Mikkel Kessler, Arthur Abraham, Glen Johnson, Andre Ward, Lucian Bute, Yusak Mack, Mikkel Kessler 2, George Groves 1 and George Groves 2. Wow. Even writing that list was quite stunning. In anyone’s books that’s a heck of sequence that includes some of the world’s premiere sweet science practitioners for their time.

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It all started with that big win over Jean Pascal but perhaps the real building of the Carl Froch star that he has become today stemmed from Showtime’s highly successful Super 6 tournament. I for one thought the format was brilliant and would love to see something similar again. Froch proved his incredible resolve by going on the road and producing the goods in different countries, a sign of a real warrior and true champion.

I think the thing for me that stands out more than anything about Froch is just his sheer toughness. The man is as hard as nails. Its a testament to the human spirit when you see some of the punishment that fighter’s like Froch often soak up in order to dish out their own artillery. 

Granted stylistically he was never going to be the best boxer from a skills standpoint, but from a heart, guts, determination, ridiculously good chin, living a healthy clean life point of view, he sure ticks all those boxes!

I’ve watched Froch from the beginning, long before the Pascal fight and when he first made his name as a British champion. I always said to anyone who would listen that one day the man would get his respect and without being big headed, it puts a smile on my face today to see that I was right (in a sport that’s impossible to always get it right in!).

Probably the fight that conveys most what I think Carl Froch is at his core as a fighter was the first George Groves encounter. Sure he got up off the deck to beat Jermain Taylor but the knockdown he suffered in the first round in the first Groves bout is something that very, very few men would get up from. It was a punch he walked onto from a guy who knows how to properly leverage his power into blows and somehow Carl Froch found the wherewithal to get up and go on to win the fight.

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That sums Carl Froch up for me. A guy who never gives in, never says die and never quits. The quintessential fighting man. I look forward to seeing this great warriors career hopefully come to a successful ending in the coming years.

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