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How much is Caitlyn Jenner worth?

Net Worth:$100 Million
Profession:Professional TV Personality
Date of Birth:October 28, 1949
Country:United States of America
1.88 m

Who Is Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner is a successful transgender woman who was previously known as Bruce Jenner. Her history involves playing for the collegiate football team Graceland Yellowjackets, winning multiple men’s decathlon events–including one during the 1976 Summer Olympics–being involved in a family reality television show known as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, being a successful businesswoman, and becoming an influential public figure concerning the LGBTQ+ movement.

Very few, if any, people can say they have accomplished a slice of what Caitlyn Jenner has accomplished, and throughout this article we will be delving deeper and answering questions concerning her life and route to success.

Caitlyn Jenner has a net worth of about $100 million dollars, as of 2021.

How Did Caitlyn Jenner Get So Rich?

Money really started rolling in for Caitlyn Jenner once she broke the decathlon record during the Summer Olympic event of 1976; after this date she was endorsed by companies such as Wheaties, Sports Illustrated, Playgirl, Gentleman’s Quarterly. She even became a prominent spokesperson for Minolta, Tropicana, and others. The majority of these endorsements offered her hefty sums of money, finally allowing her to get away from the poor lifestyle she had previously been living.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the reality TV show she starred in–and one of my all time favorite shows–managed to supply her and her family with another nice injection of income. It first started in 2006 when Caitlyn Jenner’s then wife, Kris Jenner, wanted to start a reality TV show with her family, similar to The Osbournes. It really came to a head however after Kim Kardashian had a leaked sex-tape with her and Ray J in February 2007. It resulted in a lawsuit which earned Kim $5 million dollars and resulted in massive publicity for the family. A few months later, in October 2007, Keeping Up with the Kardashians was born.

Sources have estimated the Kardashian-Jenner family made roughly $500,000 an episode, which is evenly split across all members of the family. This amount has steadily gone up since the conception of the show.

Why Is She So Famous?

Caitlyn Jenner originally came to be known by her immense success in the men’s decathlon event, capping off an award winning six-year career with a win in the 1976 Summer Olympics, crushing her previous personal best while breaking the previous world record in points with a score of 8,618 points. Interestingly enough, the ritual of an American running a victory lap while holding the American flag was not common practice before Caitlyn Jenner did it after winning the event. Her immense victory at the Summer Olympics bolstered her fame and, all of a sudden, the spotlight was on her. In that same year, she would go on to win the James E. Sullivan Award given to the top amateur athlete in the United States and was named the Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press.

Pushed forward by this newly gained fame, Caitlyn appeared on cereal boxes, the cover of Sports Illustrated, and even starred in some fan-favorite movies including The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story (1980).

And if you thought her accomplishments ended there, you are sadly mistaken. After starring in movies and winning gold metals, she dipped her toes in professional racing, winning 4th place in a 1986 twelve hour race and then created a business that sells aviation equipment and supplies called Bruce Jenner Aviation.

Arguably the most defining factor to Caitlyn Jenner’s popularity in today’s society is her announcement in April 2015 that she was a trans woman. Her coming out shocked the world, because these issues had previously never been given the time of day or the spotlight that they truly deserved. Those same people that made undermining jokes about trans people now faced scrutiny for being unaccepting and bigoted. She went on to win awards and recognition from a number of media outlets including: Teen Choice Awards, Glamour Magazine, Time’s Magazine, and Vanity Fair–just to name a few.

What Makes Her So Successful?

Caitlyn Jenner’s success is derived from her inability to quit and her passion towards being the best. For example, after she finished tenth place in the Summer Olympics of 1972, she promised herself that she would work “6-8 hours a day, every day, 365 days a year.” Around midnight, the night of the loss, she started running laps around Munich, Germany, because she understood what had to be done to become the future record breaker she would eventually turn out to be. Where the majority of the population would concede after a loss, maybe changing fields and giving up, Caitlyn Jenner took it as a stone mountain that she had no other choice than to climb over.

Her successful traits did not seize to shine through after her story in the Olympics–not even a tiny bit.

She is successful also because of her lack of fear. When standing in the midst of a country that has openly been against trans people, she decided to unapologetically upend her life and announce that she was, in fact, a trans woman. She faced serious backlash for this decision but she kept pushing forward, not only winning awards, but giving others who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community a role model to look up to and a bravery to admire and respect.


As you have learned from reading this article, Caitlyn Jenner is a woman of many talents, passions, and success stories. The interesting thing about her is that people do not immediately think about her when the topic of success and riches comes up. People tend to think about some other names like Muhammad Ali or Warren Buffet. I find this to be sad, not because these people should not be looked up to–because they most definitely should be–but because so many people miss out on the hidden gems, like Caitlyn Jenner; the hidden gems that fought through loss and hardship, all while breaking records and fighting against societal-set norms.

Before her monumental, record-setting Olympic performance, she only made $9,000 a year selling insurance, finding as much time as possible to work out for the Olympics. Once she won the 1976 Summer Olympics, awards, sponsorships, and endorsements arrived at her feet. After that, she starred in movies, placed 4th in a professional race, made hundreds of thousands of dollars starring in her TV show with her family, and became a poster child for furthering the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals.

All of this was made possible by her drive, passion, and not letting anything stand in her way to success. We all have a lot to learn from this woman, at least I know I do.

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