Bryan Callen Net Worth

An actor and popular comedian Bryan Callen studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and this investment into education certainly paid him off. He started his career as the member of the sketch comedy series MADtv. Bryan also co-hosts the successful podcast named The Fighter & The Kid’ alongside Brendan Schaub. As of 2021, Callen’s current net worth is approximately $200 thousand.

How Did Bryan Callen Get So Rich?

Bryan was born on January 26th, 1967, in Manila, Philippines. He debuted as one of the eight original cast members of MADtv in 1995. Called performed characters like motivational speaker Al Casdy, Pool Boy from Cabana Chat, death row inmate Jeremy Anderson. He also impersonationed Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other celebrities.

Bryan appeared in many TV series, including Oz, Inside Schwartz, Fat Actress, 7th Heaven, How I Met Your Mother, Bank of Hollywood, Death Valley, In Plain Sight, Kingdom, and The Goldbergs. He was a host of Bank of Hollywood show and co-wrote and co-starred in Dream Crushers. Callen is a regular guest on The Joe Rogan Experience and he started his own podcast, The Bryan Callen Show, in 2012. The list of his work would be really long. Bryan is married to Amanda Humphrey since October 28th, 2008.

And what about his dating life? Well, Bryan is a married man since 2008. His wife is hot actress Amanda Humphrey. Callen is a lucky guy to be married to such a beauty.

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