Some of Brian Keene’s Best Novels

Brian Keene is an author who is know for writing books in dark fantasy, horror, crime and also a selection of comic books. He has won numerous awards for his works and today we wanted to look at some of Brian Keene’s best novels to date.

Binge Worthy

5. The Rising

by Brian Keene

If you’re brand new to Brian’s work, I’d recommend you start with The Rising. It’s a zombie novel, but one more in the tradition of Evil Dead than The Walking Dead. These are demon-possessed corpses with a degree of conscious malevolence you just don’t find in your garden variety zombie.

4. Ghoul

by Brian Keene

Love the eighties? Check out Ghoul. It’s a coming of age horror tale about a group of young friends who discover that an ancient evil is living in a local cemetery. This is one of the very few horror novels that I know of that features a classic ghoul as its monster.

3. Dead Sea

by Brian Keene

A group of survivors hoping to escape the zombie apocalypse flee to the open seas. Unbeknownst to them, the same force that animated human corpses has also done the same for many sea creatures.

2. The Lost Level

by Brian Keene

A dimension-hopping occultist is trapped in a deadly parallel world where lizard people, dinosaurs, robots, and cowboys coexist in this modern update to the sword & planet literature of yesteryear.

1. Earthworm Gods

by Brian Keene

You know how earthworms rise to the surface after it rains? What if those earthworms were gigantic horrors so strong that they could overturn skyscrapers and bring civilization to a screeching halt?

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