17 Of The Greatest TV Love Triangles Of All Time

The Cast Of Beverly Hills, 90210: Where Are They Now

For ten years, Beverly Hills, 90210 dominated our TV screens. The show started with two siblings and their friends, but quickly developed into a show about young love and the drama that comes with. Is there any love triangle more notorious than Kelly Taylor, Dylan McKay, and Brenda Walsh?
It seemed like everyone on Beverly Hills, 90210 managed to date each other over the course of the show’s ten seasons and Luke Perry played a 15-year-old… when he was 24! The cast of the show shot into superstardom during the ’90s. You couldn’t open a magazine without seeing a story about Jennie Garth or Jason Priestley back then. But since the show ended in 2000, some of the cast took a break from acting, while others are back on teen dramas once again. See where the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 is today!

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Brian Austin Green Then:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: David Silver

David Silver was one of those characters who desperately wanted to be popular. It eventually worked out for David, and he wound up dating Donna Martin. Aaron Spelling said that Brian Austin Green was cast as David because he felt that Brian’s personality mirrored David’s. Because of that, David’s interests on the show often represented Brian’s real concerns. David became the stepbrother of Kelly Taylor during the show when his father married her mother, and the two shared a little half-sister, Erin. Later in the series, David realized he had a dangerous form of depression that his mother also had, but he reduced his drinking and sought therapy to look out for himself.

Brian Austin Green Now:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: David Silver

Brian Austin Green certainly kept busy after 90210 ended. He’s been on Smallville, Freddie, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Desperate Housewives, and most recently, Anger Management. Out of all the cast, in more recent years, Brian Austin Green has made headlines for his love life more than his work. He famously started dating Megan Fox when she was just 18, and he was 30, back in 2004. Since then, the couple got married and had three sons together. They separated in 2015 when Megan filed for divorce, but they later reconciled in 2016, as their third son was born that same year. Even though Brian was famous for decades, he’s been very vocal about how much he hates paparazzi. Because of that, he and Megan are notoriously private about their sons.

Tori Spelling Then:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Donna Martin

Donna Martin was the ditzy girl on the show, but damn, she had good style. Her character’s biggest plotline involved her character’s decision not to have sex until she was ready, even though all of her friends were doin’ it. Tori Spelling was cast on the show because of her father, Aaron Spelling was the producer and the show was run by his production company, Spelling Television. Over the course of the show, Donna dated David Silver on and off. During their off time, she dated other guys like Noah Hunter and Ray Pruit. But eventually, for the series finale, Donna and David were back together and got married. Classic teen TV show finale, right?!

Tori Spelling Now:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Donna Martin

Since her days as Donna Martin, Tori Spelling has remained in the news for various reasons. Her 2009 biography Stori Telling debuted on the top of the New York Times best-selling list and has been called one of the best celebrity autobiographies. She’s starred in quite a few made-for-TV movies including The Mistle-Tones, Mother Goose Parade, and more. Tori had a voice role on Disney Junior’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She also returned to Mother, May I Sleep With Danger in 2016, in a TV movie. Tori has been famously married to Dylan McDermott since 2006 after the two had an affair while married to other people. Since then, they’ve had five children together. She briefly returned to Beverly Hills for 90210 but decided not to have a regular role on the reboot after salary disputes.

Jason Priestley Then:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Brandon Walsh

Jason Priestley played Brandon Walsh, the literal glue that held his friend group together. Brandon is the reason that Dylan joined the group. He and his twin sister made their way around the group — dating pretty much every option. For the most part, Brandon acted as the moral compass for his friends, though his character did struggle with alcohol addiction (very briefly) and had a serious gambling problem. Despite the fact that every character turned to Brandon when they were struggling, Brandon left the show in 1998 and moved to DC, making him the final Walsh to leave the show. He did return as a special guest in season ten.

Jason Priestley Now:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Brandon Walsh

Jason Priestley was a smart kid while on Beverly Hills, 90210. He worked very extensively behind the scenes on the show and even though he left in 1998, he still acted as a producer until the show ended in 2000. He also directed the episode where Donna Martin returned to Beverly Hills in the reboot series. Since his days as Brandon Walsh, Jason hasn’t been struggling for work. Most recently, he’s been on the TV shows Raising Expectations, Private Eyes, and Wishenproof. Along with being an actor, one of Jason’s big hobbies is racecar driving. He began racing in the mid-’90s and is now a part-time owner as well.

Ian Ziering Then:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Steve Sanders

At the beginning of the series, Steve Sanders seemed to have no substance. He was the rich boy. He got all the girls, drove a nice Corvette, and had money to burn. But as the show ran on, Steve began to show a different side of himself. He became more mature, like his best friend Brandon Walsh. While he did grow up a bit, Steve still got involved in some serious scams on Beverly Hills, 90210 and got up to wild antics at fraternities in college. He wound up starting a newspaper with Brandon, with the help of his father’s money, and ended the show by getting married and having a baby with Janet Sosna.

Ian Ziering Now:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Steve Sanders

Bless us all, Ian looks so much better now than he did on the show. That hair just did not cut it for him. The poor man has been fighting off killer sharks for years now. If you didn’t know Ian Ziering for Beverly Hills, 90210, chances are you know him know because of Sharknado. Since 2013, he’s starred in the five films (about sharks in tornados basically) in the Sharknado franchise. Along with starring in the Syfy movies, he’s also done several TV guest roles on shows like The Muppets, CSI: NY, and JAG. Ian has also done some extensive voiceover work, voicing the character Dr. Nick Tatopoulos on Godzilla: The Series and Harry Osbourn on Spider-Man.

Shannen Doherty Then:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Brenda Walsh

While Brandon Walsh was the morality and glue that kept the group running on 90210, his sister Brenda was the polar opposite. She started out as the nice girl, but her character quickly became rebellious and started to act out. Brenda wound up going against her father’s wishes to date Dylan McKay and eventually moved in with him when her dad forbade them from dating. In season four (Brenda’s final season), she almost marries a man she’d only recently began dating in Vegas until her friends use reverse psychology to talk her out of it. At the end of the season, she left for London to attend Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Shannen left the show due to a feud with Jennie Garth, though the two ended up burying the hatchet years later.

Shannen Doherty Now:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Brenda Walsh

Shannen Doherty was pretty famously fired from Beverly Hills, 90210. Shortly after she was fired, she went to star in Charmed, but also wound up being cut from that show due to behind the scenes drama. Even though she was kicked off Beverly Hills, 90210 and never returned for the remaining six seasons of its original run, she did reprise her role of Brenda Walsh on 90210 for seven episodes. In 2015, Shannen was diagnosed with breast cancer and later had to get a mastectomy. She was very open about her health concerns and struggles while she was treated with chemotherapy and radiation. In April 2017, she announced she was in remission. In 2018, she will appear in the modern TV series version of Heathers.

Gabrielle Carteris Then:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Andrea Zuckerman

When the series started, Andrea was supposed to be 15. Gabrielle Cateris‘s youthful face allowed her to play the character convincingly, even though she was 29 at the time. Andrea was a very dedicated and intense student, whose studies were most important to her. She had a huge crush on Brandon Walsh, but their relationship remained purely friendly. Despite how focused on school she was, she chose to attend CU instead of going to Yale to be closer to her friends. At one point in the show, her character became pregnant and had to contemplate having an abortion, but she decided to keep the baby with Jesse Rubin and raise the child after they got married. They did wind up having early marital troubles and eventually getting divorced, but hey — if it’s not a rollercoaster ride then it’s not Beverly Hills, 90210.

Gabrielle Carteris Now:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Andrea Zuckerman

Since working on the show, she became a union trader and continued acting. Over the years, she has had guest work on shows like Touched by an Angel, NYPD Blue, Crossing Jordan, Criminal Minds, and more. She has provided the voice for many video game characters, in games like Minority Report: Everbody Runs, Shout About Movies, and Bionic Commando. In 2012, Gabrielle was elected as executive vice president of the actor’s union, SAG-AFTRA. She then later took the position of acting president of the union when previous president, Ken Howard, died on March 23, 2016. On April 9, 2016, Gabrielle was elected SAG-AFTRA president.

Tiffani Amber Thiessen Then:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Valerie Malone

When Brenda Walsh left Beverly Hills, someone needed to come fill her shoes. To bring the drama, Valerie Malone came onto the series. Valerie was a family friend of the Walshes back in Minnesota and had grown up with Brenda and Brandon until she moved to Buffalo. She came to Beverly Hills after her father is found after an apparent suicide in the family home. Valerie was not exactly a wholesome character and pretty immediately started trouble and stirred the pot at every chance.
Valerie dated just about every guy on the show, starting with Dylan and quickly moving on to Steve, Brandon, David, Noah, and more. Kelly and Valerie were enemies throughout the entire series, and it is later revealed that Valerie shockingly killed her father in self-defense after his sexually assaulted her.

Tiffani Amber Thiessen Now:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Valerie Malone

Prior to her time on 90210, Tiffani Thiessen was famous for playing Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell. After her time in Beverly Hills ended, she went on to star in the short-lived show Fastlane and What About Brian. She later starred on White Collar as Elizabeth Burke. She has her own Cooking Channel series, Cooking with Tiffani, where she shows off her own recipes and takes on food. Much like her co-star, Tiffani has voiced a character on Jake and the Neverland Pirates, voicing Misty the Wonderful Witch. This year, she will appear on a new TV series, Alexa & Kate, as Lori Mendoza.

Jennie Garth Then:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Kelly Taylor

Can you believe that playing Kelly Taylor was one of the first acting gigs Jennie Garth ever got? Kelly was one of four characters to stay on the show for all ten seasons. Initially, Kelly was a spoiled brat. She was too focused on material things and placed value solely on looks and possessions. But over the series, she became a more layered and compassionate character. 90210 tackled just about every storyline possible, and for Kelly, a big issue in her life was her mother’s drug and alcohol addiction. Before Brenda even left the show and because the producers loved Jennie’s work so much, they pushed Kelly to be the prominent female lead on the show.

Jennie Garth Now:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Kelly Taylor

Jennie has done plenty of TV work since Beverly Hills, 90210 ended. Most notably, she played Amanda Bynes‘s older sister on The WB series, What I Like About You. Everything seems to get a revamp nowadays and back in 2008, 90210 was a revival of the original show with a new generation of characters. Jennie returned to the show to reprise her role of Kelly Taylor, and one of the characters on the new show was her half-sister.
She did slow down on acting after having her three children with Twilight actor Peter Facinelli, though the couple finalized their divorce in 2013. In 2017, Jennie launched Momgiftbox.com, “an online subscription box of products to indulge, inspire and pamper moms with every purchase benefiting a charity.” In 2018, she’ll return to TV with a guest spot on The Mick.

Luke Perry Then:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Dylan McKay

What a bad boy! Luke Perry had quite the babyface back in the ’90s, which is a good thing, seeing as he was nine years older than his character. Dylan McKay was the “dangerous loner” on 90210, but his reputation is softened after he became friends with Brendon Walsh and everyone else. Dylan was one of many characters on the show who struggled with alcoholism, though it was concerning given how young he was. His relationship with Brenda Walsh started out innocent but turned volatile when she moved in with him against her father’s wishes. After that, Dylan finally got a chance to date Kelly Taylor. He left the show after season six when he falls in love with a mobster’s daughter and she gets killed, but came back for season nine because he never got over his love for Kelly.

Luke Perry Now:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Dylan McKay

When you get famous on a teen drama, can you ever really stay away from them? Following his time on 90210, Luke Perry has been on countless TV shows like Jeremiah, Windfall, Body of Proof, Criminal Minds, and more. Most of his work on TV over the last 18 years has mainly been guest work, with a few longer stints along the way. Luke got in front of the spotlight again when he signed onto Riverdale for the role of Fred Andrews. The hit series on The CW has now become one of the hottest shows on TV, and Luke plays a very concerned and protective father. He has two children IRL, Jack and Sophie.

Vincent Young Then:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Noah Hunter

Only on a teen drama can that random hot guy you meet on vacation suddenly work his way into your life. The 90210 gang met Noah Hunter when they were in Hawaii. Because this is a TV show and we needed something juicy, he started dating Valerie, but she wasn’t sure how interested she was in him because she thought he was poor. It turns out he wasn’t and was in fact very wealthy, and he wound up buying the Peach Pit After Dark nightclub. But then in the next season, his father went bankrupt from mismanaging his finances and evading taxes, leading Noah’s father to kill himself and leave the family in financial ruin. Noah spiraled into an alcohol-fueled depression. Noah’s ending on Beverly Hills, 90210 saw him heading to AA, where he was trying to get his life back together.

Vincent Young Now:

Beverly Hills, 90210 Character: Noah Hunter

Vincent Young‘s breakout role was playing Noah Hunter in the late ’90s. He hasn’t really had many big roles of this magnitude this since then. Vincent Young still has a pretty youthful face and manages to pull off the same hairstyle he wore back on 90210. A few years after appearing on the show, he had small guests roles on JAG, NCIS, and CSI: NY. He had a fairly big gap in his acting resume, then returned to the TV in 2017 on the TV series, Chase Street, where he played Vince Ross. He’s currently in pre-production for two movies set for 2018 released, Clinton Road and Escape Plan 2: Hades.

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