Best Boxing Fights That Never Happened

It’s always a choker for fight fans when for one reason or another, a fight that everyone wants to see doesn’t materialize whether the reason be a show been cancelled, injuries, politics, ego, promoters not getting on or in very rare cases a fighter ducking another fighter.

Having been a passionate fight fan all my life there are certainly some fights in my own time that I would have loved to have seen but through the years I can certainly think of a few more. This list is really endless when you sit down and have a think about it so for the purpose of this article I’ve chosen five that personally I would have loved to have seen myself.

Lennox Lewis vs Vitali Klitschko II

The first fight between these two heavyweight monsters is up there for one of my favorite heavyweight fights ever. It had it all – bombs, good chins been able to sustain those bombs, toughness and pure heart. With the fight been stopped on cuts and Lewis retaining, fight fans desperately wanted to see part two but it never happened as Lennox retired. Lewis was always a smart chap, he knew in his heart of hearts that Vitali gave him absolute hell the first time round and I think he made the right decision at the time for his career. 

Bernard Hopkins vs James Toney

One that I’ve never seen a lot of talk about but for me this would have been a really intriguing contest around the time both were middleweight kings back in the day. From an entertainment point of view it may not have resulted in the most attractive of fights but for the purist it would have been an absolute chess match, a pit of wits. Toney back in his hay day was formidable and for me if he got to Hopkins early on in his middleweight reign he would have edged out a close decision.

Floyd Mayweather vs Antonio Margarito

People talk about Mayweather ducking fighters over the years but I’m not sure do I quite buy into all those theories to be honest. Bar one. If there is a fight that Mayweather perhaps took a pass on I think it may have been Antonio Margarito around the time Margarito was on a mad run through the welterweight division around 2007-2008. He did beat Cotto the first time (but I won’t go into my opinion on that) and I think around that time a fight with him and Mayweather would have represented the most dangerous fight of Floyd’s career. I still think Floyd would have ran out a clear winner on points but it would have been great to see.

Roy Jones vs Mike Tyson

When Roy Jones became one of only two men to ever win both the middleweight title and heavyweight title when he beat John Ruiz, I would have absolutely loved to have seen him take on Mike Tyson right then in a huge heavyweight mega fight, all be it at the end of Tyson’s career. It would have been speed vs power, reflexes vs ferocity. I’d imagine Roy would have tried to go for the 12 round decision out speeding Mike but that power Tyson carried surely would have caught up to Jones somewhere along the line in my opinion. One that certainly got away.

Ricky Hatton vs Junior Witter

Finishing up with a fight in the UK this one in particular would have been a really intriguing clash of styles in my opinion. On the one hand you had the very popular Ricky Hatton who everyone knows but he had a rival from Sheffield throughout his career in former world champion Junior “The Hitter” Witter who consistently called out the “Hitman” for years. I’d imagine Hatton would have won the fight on a close decision but Witter’s switch hitting, unorthodox style certainly would have caused problems. This would have been a big fight in the UK but I think Ricky really didn’t like Witter personally for the years of abuse and for that reason never gave him the shot in my opinion.

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