What’s interesting about all our personal development efforts is that they are all about the desire to bring about change in our lives. In fact we’re so caught up in the pursuit of change that we forget completely about all of the magnetic qualities that exist within us.  Think about all the things you are trying to change about yourself. When you look closely at them you’ll realize they are all the byproduct of one very simple story or one simple thought: Something is wrong with me or something is wrong with the way things are.

That’s been the fundamental story of my life as far as I can remember. Everything I’ve done, every effort I’ve made to make change has been driven by the idea that there is something wrong with me. It’s played itself out in almost every area of my life and it’s the lens through which I’ve seen the world. Think about the impact this kind of story can have on anybody’s life. It’s likely his or her ability to accomplish anything will be severely limited. The most insidious part of this whole story is that there is no escape from it no matter what is accomplished because every accomplishment is just another form of compensation for the fact that something is wrong.

As kids we’re all incredibly charismatic, we’re fearless, and we dream without limits. Just look at the behavior of a 2 year old and that will become very apparent. Then life happens and we start to fill ourselves with stories of our inadequacies, fear, and limitation. It’s not long before this is the life that we’re living. What’s worse is we’re completely unaware of the fact that we’re living this way. When I spoke to students at Pepperdine University I asked them to remember that there was a time when we did ask “why”, but before long we just accepted what we were told and the only answer we got was because.  So we did everything we did because somebody told us to, because it was what people do, because we needed to, and it goes on and on.

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I’m not interested in an ordinary or average life. I’m interested in a life that is extraordinary for me and for you. But I think before you can even come close to living that out, you need to start realizing that you are in fact amazing just the way you are.


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