Avril Lavigne Net Worth

How much is Avril Lavigne worth?

Net Worth:$70 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:September 27, 1984 (age 38)
Country:United States of America
5 ft 5 in (1.66 m)

About Avril Lavigne

She was the “Complicated” Canadian rocker who didn’t like your “Girlfriend.” Since then the Grammy-winning punk princess, Avril Lavigne, became an international star with her punk-influenced pop anthems and anti-starlet image. She became known for her signature neckties and never sticking to just one color for her long locks. She looked like your average black hoodie-wearing, angsty hipster however her tough exterior turned out to be only a shell to hide her inner shy songstress.

Canadian singer and songwriter Avril Lavigne has an estimated net worth of $70 million dollars, as of 2023. She is considered a key musician in the development of pop punk music.

Growing up in Ontario, Canada Avril the short-haired, glasses-wearing kid who had an affinity for music, went through an awkward phase. Keeping to herself she taught herself how to play the guitar as a means of adding an instrument to her already gifted vocals. She began to experiment and for two years she gained experience as a performer, filling in for gigs at first but later at festivals and fairs. When she was 14, she had been singing in a bookstore when she was discovered by her soon-to-be manager, Cliff Fabri.

At the age of 16, she signed a $1.25 million, plus $900,000 publishing advance, deal with the head of Arista Records, L.A. Reid. She ditched school to make her rock star dreams come true, moving to the big city where she was met by a team of songwriters and producers who essentially handed her a country album that they wanted her to record.

If the black JNCO pants and fingernails weren’t enough of a giveaway, then Lavigne’s enthusiasm about the project made it apparent that country wasn’t her thing anymore. The album was eventually scrapped for something much more pop-rock, and with no twang at all. Her hits “Complicated“, “I’m With You” and “Sk8er Boi” from her 2002 debut album, Let Go, have become synonymous with her ever since. As a major US and international hit, the album went directly to number 2 on Billboard charts and made Avril a household name. The album sold 16 million copies worldwide and was eventually certified 7× Platinum, making it the best-selling album of the 21st century by a Canadian artist.

At the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards, Lavigne won “Best New Artist” to go with her five Grammy nominations. Two years later, Avril’s second album, Under My Skin, enjoyed even better ratings overall, despite less sales, selling 10 million copies worldwide, it became number 1 on the charts.

In 2007, she released The Best Damn Thing which was yet another top rated album going to number 1 on the charts, but alarmingly, overall sales were again lower, selling only 6 million copies worldwide. Lavigne decided to go on hiatus, partly because she had health issues related to Lyme disease but also no doubt to see if she could buck the trend of falling record sales. When she released her fourth studio album, Goodbye Lullaby, sales figures were a quarter of what they had been for her third effort, with just 1.5 million copies sold worldwide. Her fifth album, the eponymous Avril Lavigne sold just 650,000 copies, Head Above Water had recorded sales of just 161,000, and her latest album released in 2022, Love Sux, has 19,000 recorded copies sold in the US. She has 16 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Lavigne’s Total Net Worth

Avril Lavigne was a millionaire while still in her teens. By the time she was 23, in 2007, Forbes magazine listed her as #8 of their “Top 20 Earners Under 25”, with annual earnings of $12 million dollars. Lavigne has earned through her record sales, 40 million albums and 50 million singles sold worldwide makes her the third top-selling Canadian female artist in history.

She has also earned through her tours, from 61 concerts in 2011, her Black Star Tour grossed $35 million. In total, Avril Lavigne has earned estimated total career income of $105 million dollars. Some of that money has also come from her endorsements with Canon, Proactiv, Procter & Gamble Procter, among others.

Of her total career income, $4-7 million is expected to have been paid in business related costs. The remainder, $99.5 million, will have been taxed at a rate of around 47% as Avril Lavigne has been residing in the state of California and earned through some lower tax years in the 2000s. After tax, it is estimated that her career earnings are at around $52.73 million dollars, having paid $46.77 million dollars in taxes.

Avril Lavigne does not have any children, however she has married and divorced twice. She married Canadian musician, Deryck Whibley in 2006 and they divorced four years later in 2010. As there had been a prenuptial agreement in place there was no division of assets. Avril later married Canadian musician Chad Kroeger, in 2013 and they divorced two years later in 2015. Again, a prenuptial agreement saved the couple from having to consider the division of their assets.

In her personal life, it is estimated that Avril Lavigne may have spent $5-8 million dollars of her career earnings but also probably possesses assets valued at around $1-3 million, not including investment assets. In her investments, she may have earned investment returns of $19-23 million dollars. Therefore, it is estimated that Avril Lavigne has a net worth of around $70 million dollars.

It has also been cited to be around $45 to $50 million.


Avril Lavigne’s debut album, Let Go (2002), remains the best-selling album of the 21st century by a Canadian artist. Her music paved the way for female-driven, punk-influenced pop music in the early 2000s and her sophomore album, Under My Skin (2004), sold 10 million copies worldwide. She has been nominated for eight Grammy awards and continues to release music, including 2019’s Head Above Water and her seventh studio album, 2022’s Love Sux.

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