Ashley Nocera Net Worth

Italian vlogger and bikini model Ashley Nocera became famous through her Instagram and Youtube channel. Nocera’s channel will soon achieve 200 thousand subscribers and already surpassed 18.8 million views. As of 2021, Nocera’s current net worth is approximately $200 thousand and we also know her age and other interesting facts.

WBFF Pro Bikini Model Ashley Nocera was born August 15, 1995 so her current age is 21 years. She belongs among most successful fitness model on Instagram. Ashley started her bodybuilding career when she was just 18 years old. Ashley lifted weights, train muscels for another three years. After some encouragement from her beau, Nocera decided to participate in her first bikini competition in 2014.

As part of her fitness training, Nocera eats clean diet with lots of proteins. Her supplements include Whey Protein, fish oil, and BCAA to name just few. Her exercise routine is pretty intense leaving only weekend to cool down a little bit. Her Instagram account achieved incredible 337 thousand followers, which certainly boost her net worth.

Ashley’s grandfather was also a bodybuilder, so she has probably here genes to thanks partly for her success. Nevertheless, Ashley is very passionate fitness model who does not give up and learns from her mistakes. Hear wealth is increasing with her success as a bodybuilder.

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Written by Victoria Rothstein

Victoria Rothstein entered the financial industry in 2002 and worked with an investment firm in Singapore until 2014. After more than ten years and as a shareholder as well as an executive, she left to focus on her own investments. Originally from New York she continues to live and work within emerging markets. Hong Kong is now her base, yet she is also often in Thailand, Indonesia and mainland China.

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