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How much is Ashlee Simpson worth?

Net Worth:$12 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:October 3, 1984
Country:United States of America
1.7 m

It is hard enough being the younger sister of a tabloid sensation, but Ashlee Simpson has been a target of tabloid scrutiny that even rivals her more famous sister. This young starlet, who identified herself with her own sound and style and never claimed to mirror Jessica’s conservative views on premarital sex, rose from her sister’s shadow to become a star in her own right.

Binge Worthy

Who Is Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Nicole Simpson was born in Waco, Texas in 1984, the second of two daughters. She took ballet lessons almost as soon as she could walk, and distinguished herself enough that she began training at New York’s prestigious School of American Ballet at the age of 11. When her sister, Jessica Simpson, signed a record deal with Columbia Records, the entire family relocated to Los Angeles.  

Ashlee began to work as a backup dancer for Jessica’s musical concerts and, through this medium, got the bug to perform herself. She began to appear in television commercials and eventually secured a role on the television series 7th Heaven. The role helped her achieve an identity beyond “Jessica Simpson’s little sister.”  

We calculate Ashlee Simpson has a net worth of $12 million dollars, as of 2021.

7th Heaven

Aside from her SNL lip-synching snafu, Ashlee was part of the golden 7th Heaven family, took a shot at reality on The Ashlee Simpson Show and got dramatic on Melrose Place.

In 2003, Ashlee began a career as a musical artist, releasing her debut single ‘Just Let Me Cry’ for the movie Freaky Friday. The song earned her notice from Geffen Records and she signed to record her first album. To promote the album and garner her more publicity, she documented the months recording her debut on the MTV reality series The Ashlee Simpson Show.  

Saturday Night Oops

Her musical career eventually made Ashlee more notorious than even her older sister. While Jessica put her love life with fellow musician Nick Lachey up for the world to see on the show Newlyweds, Ashlee‘s reality show brought a tremendous amount of attention to her career. Her debut album, Autobiography hit number one on the charts, only increasing the pressure, until it all culminated in a notorious Saturday Night Live appearance in 2004.  

Simpson performed her hit single ‘Pieces of Me’ earlier in the show and when she came out for her second performance of the album’s title track, her band began to play the right song, but Simpson’s pre-recorded vocals for ‘Pieces of Me’ started to play instead. She immediately froze onstage before performing an impromptu jig and quickly walking off. She apologized at the end of the show, claiming that her band played the wrong song, but by then everyone knew that she was lip-syncing her music. She later admitted she was using a prerecorded track because she was suffering from acid reflux.  

Things grew worse in 2005 for Simpson when she performed at halftime of the Orange Bowl in Miami during the Oklahoma/USC football game. The crowd booed Simpson loudly following her performance. She explained the event later as the fact she believed there were more Oklahoma fans in attendance than USC fans and the booing was a result of her allegiance to USC.  

Behind-The-Scenes Turmoil

Ashlee Simpson has been in a number of high-profile romances over her life. She dated actor Josh Henderson in a relationship that ended during the debut of her reality show. She also dated musician Ryan Cabrera and he was often featured on her reality show.  

She was in a controversial relationship with That 70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama shortly following his break-up from Lindsay Lohan. Simpson denied the relationship but people spotted the two on numerous occasions in romantic situations. Her next musical single, “Boyfriend,” was in response to the rumored relationship between Simpson and Valderrama.  

After telling young women they should embrace their bodies, she appeared in public following plastic surgery on her nose. Despite a noticeable appearance change, she denied the plastic surgery but, in later interviews, she backtracked and admitted to the surgery saying it was to clear up sinus problems.  

Simpson began dating Pete Wentz of the band Fall Out Boy and the two were married in 2008. Rumors arose Simpson was pregnant but she denied the allegations. Soon after, she changed her name to Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and admitted that they were indeed expecting a child. Bronx Mowgli was born in 2008 and Ashlee introduced the world to him through her Twitter page. But the happy family hit a bump in the road when in early 2011 Ashlee filed for divorce.   

Although Ashlee followed her sister’s road to success going the reality television route, she hit a bumpy road along the way and never fully recovered. She is presently raising her son and working on a new album, so the next chapter of Simpson’s life is still a work in progress.

Defining Quote “Fear is not something I live by, never have, especially when it comes to my career. I’d rather go to the edge and see what happens.”  

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