How much was Arturo Gatti worth?

Net Worth:$4 Million
Profession:Professional Boxer
Date of Birth:April 15, 1972
Country:Italy-born Canadian
1.71 m

Who Is Arturo Gatti

Today on this glorious Tuesday morning in Ireland, I woke up early and found myself logging onto boxing news websites as per my usual morning routine. However there was something a bit more nostalgic about me this morning having read a brief article that cited a fighter as being a “modern warrior”. It made me think about when one compares modern warriors to fighters of the past and how the warrior image, heart, bravery and courage would really stack up against one another and so forth. Then I thought of Arturo Gatti.

Arturo Gatti was a professional boxer who had a net worth of $4 million dollars at the time of his death, in 2009.

I guess when your discussing what a true warrior is and what it takes to become a fighter, this man probably stands out above most as the best example of what a fighter really is. To become a fighter, somewhere along the line you’d have to think that a person must realize that not only can they dish out heavy offense to their opponent but more importantly they realize that they can withstand heavy punishment, push through sever physical pain and overcome adversity when inevitably sometimes things get hard in a fight that require a man to dig down and reach into a part of his soul that us mere mortals wouldn’t be able to reach. I guess that’s why people have so much respect for boxers. The man they called “Thunder” had these qualities in abundance.

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He proved time and time again that often it is not about how hard you can hit or how flashy your boxing skills are that wins fights, but sometimes how sheer will to win, grit, determination and perseverance can pull a fighter through to the most unlikely of victories, even if well behind on the scorecards (and sometimes in Gatti’s case having been knocked down multiple times).

When thinking about the best fights Gatti was involved in, for me I think of the incredible first fight with Mickey Ward. For me that fight alone is the best example of what fighters are at their core (inside and outside of the ring). I heard a definition before of what a fighter is or what to “fight” really means and I think it sums up Arturo Gatti very well. To fight – is to overcome adversity. Anyone can do well in life when everything is going their way, bills are paid, family and friend relationships are going well, health is good, etc. But I guess you find out what kind of man you really are when you’re back is against the wall, when the chips are down and you’re been counted out. That’s where Gatti was at his absolute best. God knows he wasn’t the best fighter ever in terms of skill, but the amount of times that the man came back from defeat, got up from been knocked down to knock his opponent out, is quit staggering when you look back at his career.

The first fight with Mickey Ward is now twelve years old but it’s memory will live on long into the ages. Tragically Arturo lost his life a few years ago under dubious circumstances which are still been investigated to this day but for us boxing fans, there will probably never be another fighter quite as special as him when one is talking about “modern warriors”. I heard Mike Tyson say before that as time goes on athletes always get better, faster, stronger and have better nutrition and training plans which is very true. But when you’re talking about attributes that can’t be quantified physically, when you’re talking about – guts, heart and courage and what it really takes to be a fighter, these traits will always be needed no matter how far the sport progresses. Gatti had these in buckets in will never be forgotten. RIP Arturo Gatti.

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