How much is Anthony David worth?

Net Worth:$15 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:December 4, 1971
Country:United States of America

“I like to hear common sense, and I feel there’s a large population of people out there that would like to hear some common sense in their music too! I don’t wanna be the young guy pretending to be 20 when I’m 40! Because for grown-ups to be following children to me makes no sense.” — Anthony David to Blues & Soul magazine.

Who Is Anthony David

Anthony David was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, where he grew up listening to and performing music. In the early 1990s, when he was 19, he moved to Atlanta to further his career as an artist. After making the move, he befriended an up-and-coming singer who went by the stage name of India.Arie.

He eventually wrote a song for her, “Part of My Life,” which was included on her 2001 debut album, Acoustic Soul. He is listed in the album’s credits under his pen name of Tony Harrington, a play on his given name of Anthony Harrington.

American R&B singer-songwriterAnthony David is best known for his 2006 song “Words”, a duet with contemporary R&B singer India.Arie. Anthony David has a net worth of $15 million dollars, as of 2020.

Anthony David Harrington. Born: Dec. 4, 1971 in Savannah, Georgia. Raised in Georgia.

Indie Music

After the success of India.Arie’s debut, Anthony toured the world with her as a backup singer. And in 2004, Anthony released his debut album, 3 Chords & the Truth, on the indie Brash Music label, after which he toured with India.Arie again, but this time as an opening act. Continuing his creative partnership with her, he co-wrote and produced the song “There’s Hope” (again, under his pen name, Tony Harrington) from India’s third album, Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship, which was released in June 2006. His second indie album, The Red Clay Chronicles, came out in September 2006.

Mainstream Hit

Eventually, India.Arie landed a distribution deal with Universal Republic for her own label, Soulbird Records, and made Anthony the first act signed to Soulbird. His 2008 major label debut, Acey Duecy consisted mostly of songs from his first two indie albums. The first single, a duet with India.Arie called “Words,” thrust him into the mainstream and earned a 2009 Grammy nomination for Best R&B; Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals. His fourth album, As Above, So Below, was released in March 2011.

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‘Acey Duecy’

Anthony David’s major-label debut, Acey Duecy (released in the U.S. on June 24, 2008) is a good old-fashioned bluesy Soul album that once again gives credence to the theory that Atlanta is the current home for the most creative R&B; and Soul music being made in America today. The album is a treasure trove of strong songwriting, live instrumentation and sparse production which proves that less really can actually be more. The only drawback to the album is that most of it is culled from his two previous, independently-released albums, but if you haven’t heard his music yet, this serves as a nice introduction.

Strong Songwriting

Acey Duecy starts off a little slow, but it’s not that the first three songs on the album are bad, it’s just that they seem tailor-made to appeal to a wide audience. The songs – “Stop Playin’,” “Something About You,” (a remake of the mid-80s Level 42 song) and “Smoke One,” all have big, catchy, simple hooks and the kind of Soulful melodies that you’re likely to hear on any adult contemporary radio station in the U.S. It isn’t until the fourth song, “Words,” featuring India.Arie, that the album really starts to hit its stride.

“Words” is a soaring love song with vocals so lush they sound the the musical equivalent of a river of honey. The chemistry between the two singers is very good, which should come as no surprise, since the two are good friends, both live in Atlanta and they’ve collaborated in the past. Anthony, who sounds like a cross between the gritty Anthony Hamilton and the smooth Bill Withers, is even signed to Universal Republic through India’s Soulbird Records. Along with “Words,” another great duet on the album is “Lady,” a slow-burning R&B;/Soul ballad featuring Keisha Jackson, daughter of legendary singer Millie Jackson. On “Lady,” which is about a man changing his bad ways after falling in love, and other songs on the album, Anthony’s knack for strong songwriting shines through. Many of the songs on Acey Duecy, tell stories, and its on these stories where Anthony gets real.

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Well Done

On “Spittin’ Game” for instance, Anthony shows that he’s a ladies man who definitely knows how to verbally seduce a woman: “I’ll walk on air, I’ll walk on fire, I’ll do anything to get you, baby,” he sweetly sings. “I’ll give you what you need, and what you desire, I’ll make your every waking thought about me.” Other songs, such as the family reunion jam “Kinfolk,” the ode to Southern girls “GA Peach,” and especially the 3 a.m. booty call song “Cold Turkey” are all well-written, well-performed, well-arranged songs that are solid from top to bottom.

But the album’s crown jewel is arguably the confessional “Cheatin’ Man,” an incredibly complicated – and profoundly sad – bluesy number where Anthony portrays a man who feels guilt and shame over following in his father’s footsteps: “When I was a young boy I used to watch my daddy play, in my heart I’d always say he was wrong,” he sings. “Now that I’m older, I find its time to settle down ’cause I need some love around to make me whole/But somethin’ is funny; things I swore I’d never do I find myself fallin’ a victim to.”

If there’s any knock on Acey Duecy, it’s that there’s not enough new material; of its 11 songs, almost all were originally on Anthony’s two little-known indies releases: 2006’s Red Clay Chronicles and 2004’s Three Chords & the Truth. But if you haven’t heard any of Anthony’s previous work and/or you’re a fan of bluesy Soul music, you might enjoy this album.

‘As Above, So Below’

For years, R&B;/Soul singer Anthony David has been one of the most underappreciated singers in music, and his fourth album, As Above, So Below, isn’t likely to change his underdog status. But what the album does do though, is cement his name as one of the more deeply soulful, thought provoking and cerebral vocalists around. As Above, which was released in the U.S. on March 22, 2011, is many things, including placid, uplifting and well sung. It’s one big drawback however, is that sometimes it’s more laid back and low-key than his brilliant previous album, 2008’s Acey Duecy.

Messages in the Music

There’s an old saying that still waters run deep, and Anthony David’s As Above, So Below proves that the expression can apply to music too. That’s because the album is a mostly calm and laid on the surface, but once you get deep into it, you see that despite Anthony’s placid exterior lie some very deep, turbulent lyrics and song concepts that are the opposite of his smooth vocal style.

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The most significant example of this is the fifth song, “God Says.” Judging by the title, semi-Gospel tone and religion-tinged chorus — “You can put the blame on me, I’m doin’ what God says, what God says” — you’d think that this was an ode to the Lord. But in listening to the full song, it becomes obvious that’s it’s a condemnation of modern day false prophets who make controversial statements — like calling for President Obama’s death — then saying that such statements were God’s word, not theirs. Another song where the surface is only scratched in the chorus is “Girlfriend,” where a man out at a club denies his interest in a woman: “I don’t like you (I got a girlfriend), I don’t want you (I got a girlfriend), get away from me.” But it becomes obvious during the song that his denials are hollow and that he’s actually trying to convince himself not to stray.

It’s not all religion and politics, though; there’s some light and airy material too, like the first single, “4evermore,” which features singer Algebra Blesset and rapper Phonte, and happens to be the album’s best song. But the majority of songs are R&B; for mature, thinking people who don’t mind a few messages in their music.

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