How much is Annabel Langbein worth?

Net Worth:$1.5 Million
Profession:Celebrity Cook
Date of Birth:January 15, 1958
Country:New Zealand
1.88 m

Who Is Annabel Langbein

Annabel Langbein was born in New Zealand. Her father was an avid gardener and beekeeper. She left school when she was only sixteen and then lived with friends, growing and hunting her own food; they lived an alternative lifestyle. After that period, she started working as a chef in a restaurant.

Langbein’s current net worth is at $1.5 million as of 2020.

How did Annabel make it?

Famous cook Annabel Langbein is well known for being an author of many books about food as well as a TV presenter. You can see her in The Free Range Cook, Simple Pleasures, and Through the Seasons.

She studied horticulture at the Lincoln University in New Zealand and also at the Culinary Institute of America. In 1984, Langbein began her career as a food writer, working for magazines like NZ Life & Leisure, NZ Listener, and the Cuisine.

Langbein has published eighteen cookbooks in many languages. Her first was Annabel Langbein’s Cookbook: Featuring Recipes from the New Zealand Listener in 1988. She is also the founder of the “Culinary Institute of New Zealand”. Annabel is married to Ted Ted Hewetson. He proposed her three times before she agreed. The couple has three children together, Henry, Sean, and Rose.


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