How much is Angie Stone worth?

Net Worth:$4 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:December 18, 1961
Country:United States of America
1.6 m

“After what I’ve done in music, I’m looking to transform and focus as much on theatre and film work. I have such a passion for performing and I get a real excitement from working in that arena, it’s quite different to singing and is such a different form of expression.” – Angie Stone.

Who Is Angie Stone

During her time growing up Columbia, SC, Angie began singing gospel music at a young age. Her father, a member of a local gospel quartet, would take his only child to see performances by gospel artists like the Singing Angels and the Gospel Keynotes. During her youth, she wrote poetry, played sports and after high-school graduation, was offered scholarships to play college basketball. While working dead-end jobs, Stone began saving money to record her own demos at a local studio.

American singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer Angie Stone has a net worth of $4 million dollars, as of 2020. She became famous in 1970s as part of the hip hop trio The Sequence. Before working with futuristic rap group Mantronix and singer Lenny Kravitz

Born Angela Laverne Brown in 1961. Raised in Columbia, South Carolina.

Early Career

A singer, self-taught keyboardist and prolific songwriter, Angie (under the name Angie B) joined Gwendolyn Chisolm and Cheryl Cook in the rap trio the Sequence, who recorded for the Sugarhill label; she later helped form the Neo-Soul trio Vertical Hold. Her first real commercial success was as lead vocalist on Vertical Hold’s urban dance track “Seems You’re Much Too Busy,” which was an R&B; Top 40 hit during the summer of 1993. That success eventually led to Angie becoming a solo artist.

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Solo Career

Her debut solo album, Black Diamond, was released in 1999 by Arista. She moved to J Records in 2001 for her second record, Mahogany Soul, and the record cracked the Top 40 thanks to the pop/R&B; hit “Brotha.” In 2004, her third record, Stone Love, became her biggest hit, reaching number 14 on the charts. A greatest hits package, Stone Hits: The Best of Angie Stone, was released in 2005. Stone sang the theme song for the UPN sitcom Girlfriends, and also appeared on a 2002 episode of the show.

“The Art of Love & War”

Angie Stone’s producers have finally gotten it right. On Angie’s previous albums, her mature, sometimes husky vocals were wedded to breakbeats, samples and other song elements that seemed to contrast with her old school Soul vibe. But on her third album, The Art of Love & War, her voice is aided and abetted by lush, mature, mid-tempo backing tracks which do a lot more to help her songs than those recycled beats and pseudo-hip hop stuff ever did. And now that she’s singing over the right type of instrumentals, things have clicked. This is one of the most cohesive, most soulful R&B; albums of Angie’s career so far.

Confident & Mature

Angie Stone’s voice is like a thick, warm blanket: it can envelop you and provide a good deal of comfort and pleasure. Although she’s never achieved the massive success in America that some singers with half of her vocal ability has, she’s still one of the more talented R&B;/Soul singers around today, and her fourth album, The Art of Love & War, reinforces that fact.

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Angie’s sophisticated, yet laid back singing style may not be for everyone, but for anyone in Angie’s age group (mid-40s to early 50s) you’ll eat up her style, which is semi-old school, but not out of touch with the modern era. Among the album’s best material is the first single, “Baby,” which features the incomparable Gospel singer Betty Wright. The two ladies’ voice complement each other perfectly as they sing about someone who abandons his honey after finding success.

One of the refreshing things about The Art of Love & War is that even though the album’s theme – and most of the songs – are about the ups and downs of of love and life, Angie sings about her issues in a mature, confident manner that’s relatively low on histrionics and contains zero over-the-top drama. Even on the painfully personal relationship songs “Make It Last” and “Go Back to Your Life,” there’s a level of class and dignity that’s missing in much of today’s music, R&B; and otherwise.

The album does take a few wrong turns: the funky “Play With It” and celebratory “Pop Pop” are too repetitive and don’t quite fit in with the album’s other 12 songs. But despite its small flaws, The Art of Love & War is arguably the best album of Angie’s career.

On Stage and Screen

Angie has also acted in movies as well as a production of the play “Chicago.” She has two children, one of whom was fathered by Neo-Soul artist D’Angelo, who Stone dated in the 1990s. In the summer of 2006, Angie appeared on the fourth season of the popular VH1 reality series “Celebrity Fit Club,” which follows the struggles of obese celebrities trying to lose weight.

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