How much was Amy Winehouse worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:September 14, 1983
Country:United Kingdom
1.59 m

When she was alive you’ve probably seen more of her than anyone would like across the cover of every tabloid. But when she wasn’t being nabbed for public drunkenness, she’s was putting out hit records like Back to Black.

Who Is Amy Winehouse

It’s easy to label Amy Winehouse a troubled artist who became the media’s favorite punching bag. Infamous for her trademark Cleopatra eyes and towering beehive hairdo, this soulful crooner is better known for her erratic behavior, tumultuous relationships and rampant drug use. Despite all her publicized behavior, it’s hard to argue against the fact that Amy’s talent and amazing voice is what made her an icon.

Amy grew up in Southgate, Northern London. At the age of 12, she won a scholarship to the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School, but was expelled when she pierced her nose. At 15, the rebellious teen got her first tattoo of Betty Boop.  

After switching schools, she dabbled in music journalism at the WENN news network, but it wasn’t enough to hold her interest. Performances at the National Youth Jazz Orchestra on the weekends ignited her flame for songwriting and singing, and it was clear that was where she was destined to go.  

Encouraged by her friend Nick Shymansky, Amy began recording demos, which reached an A&R man. At the age of 17, Amy landed a contract with Island Records and released her debut album, Frank, at the age of 21. It was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and sold 250,000 copies.  

Amy Winehouse had a net worth of about $5 million dollars at the time of her death, in 2011.

Blake And Back To Black

As she was slowly becoming more popular, Amy embarked on a fateful relationship that played a major role in both her meteoric rise and epic downfall. She met Blake Fielder-Civil and began a passionate, off-and-on romance complete with tattooed names, wild fights and widely reported drug use. But with his negative influence came one positive when he became one of the main inspirations for her breakthrough album Back to Black.  

Her sophomore album quickly overshadowed Frank with the help of talented British producer Mark Ronson. It achieved chart success and certified Amy as an international star. Rolling Stone hailed it as “…an unlikely marvel, a desperately sad and stirring record whose hooks and production are worthy of the soul hall-of-famers she namedrops.” This was when her celebrity status skyrocketed.     

Dark Days

Amy’s celebrity came with a price—the constant hounding by the media, who voraciously chronicled her spiral into darker days. Shortly after she and Blake eloped in Miami in the spring of 2007, Amy’s struggles came to a head. In August, Amy was rushed to the University College London Hospital for a drug overdose—right after getting nominated for three MTV Video Music Awards. Later that month, Fielder-Civil and Amy were photographed bloodied, bruised and bandaged after a heated argument at the Sanderson Hotel. Amy promptly sent a message to Perez Hilton explaining that she had “lost it” when Blake found her in their hotel room about to do drugs with a call girl, and the wounds were self-inflicted.  

Following a series of slurred and cancelled performances, Amy was arrested in October for marijuana possession in Bergen, Norway. Soon after, Blake was arrested for perverting justice when he attempted to pay off a witness in an assault case against him. In January, footage surfaced of her supposedly doing drugs, which sent her in and out of rehab.  

Rollercoaster Amy

Despite her mounting problems, Amy won five Grammys at the 2008 awards including Best Pop Vocal Album and Song of the Year (‘Rehab’). That year, with Fielder-Civil still incarcerated, Amy became more reclusive, escaping to St. Lucia to focus on writing her third album, although it yet it was never to come to fruition. During her time in St. Lucia, she had an affair with rugby player Joshua Bowman, resulting in Blake filing for divorce, but the couple reconciled again in the spring of 2010.  

Even though her talent had been overshadowed by these scandals, Amy still remained a true icon. Her classic trademarks are still easily recognizable, and many artists still reference her music through covers and attributes. Imitation is still the best form of flattery.

Defining Quote “I just dress like…I’m an old black man. Sorry! Like an old Jewish black man.”

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