Amir Khan Vs. Kell Brook – Who Would Win?

According to recent reports, UK promoter Eddie Hearn has said a potential Amir Khan vs Kell Brook fight could be made as early as this month for which could be possibly be in play for another 80,000 seat Wembley Stadium mega clash next summer in the UK. After the success of Carl Froch vs George Groves in what was the biggest attendance for a boxing match globally since post world war 2, who’s to say it won’t happen?

Both men are big names on either side of the pond now. Amir Khan has been a global entity for a number of years both in the States and the UK having taken on some of the best along with his name in recent years been closely linked with a fight to the sport’s cash cow, Floyd Mayweather. Even Kell Brook is a lot more known Stateside now after his recent world championship triumph when he over came all the odds to outclass the heavily favored American champion Sean Porter, so much so that the Englishman’s win even made Floyd Mayweather sit up and take note who said “congratulations to him and I wish him nothing but the best.”

But who would really do the job in a fight between Khan and Brook? Two primed welterweights, explosive, powerful and full of action. My initial instinct is to go with Brook on this one, if I’m honest. Khan might have a slight edge in speed and an ever so slight edge in skill (if any) but a twelve round championship level fight is a long time to be in the ring with an elite level fighter who can bang, especially if you’ve been known to go down in the past to a lot lesser punchers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the last guy you’ll EVER come across who in anyway will discredit a fighter. It’s the hardest way to make a living, period. The dedication, sacrifice and heart ache these guys go through for other people’s entertainment, is quite astonishing when you sit down and think about it.I just feel when you’re talking about a contest you’ve got to look at things as objectively as possible when your picking a guy or calling how you think a fight will go before it takes place.

Of course, we’re a long way out from a potential fight yet. It’s looking like it’s going to get over the line but anything can happen in the build up, like how training camps go, mind games, pressure of such an occasion, etc. All this has to be factored in and although Brook is now a world champion you would still have to say Khan is the much more experienced of the two at top level, which could certainly be a plus for him on the night.

I remember last year both men met sat down together on set of the popular UK boxing show “Ringside” and exchanged some entertaining verbals with one another, namely referring to a sparring session that took place when they were younger. Of course both guys claimed they got the better of one another but I remember taking note of how Khan was laughing and joking while Brook was dead serious when he addressed the question of how the spar went. I know it’s only a small thing, but I tend to believe Brook over Khan to be honest and I just feel that he could have the edge in the mind games.

Mind games aside, we all know styles make fights but also you can’t put muscles on a chin. It’s early days but I’d be looking to Brook to stop Khan inside the distance in spectacular fashion. Time will tell, lets hope it get’s made soon!

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