How much is Alice Russell worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:March 1, 1975
Country:United Kingdom

“I was brought up in the countryside. And I’d sing in the choir with my dad. He’s an organist, and it wasn’t like this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine kind of choir. It was like proper, old English Church of England. And then I just started hearing stuff on the radio that I loved, and I gravitated towards soul music, and then also, all the boys used to play loads of hip hop. So from that, I’d find, you know, you’d go to the samples and then find the music from that, and that would also take you into another line of music.” Alice Russell to National Public Radio, in November 2008.

Who Is Alice Russell

British soul singer Alice Russell was born the daughter of an organist and grew up surrounded by music as she grew up in the town of Framlingham in Suffolk County, England. At the age of nine, she followed in the musical footsteps of her father and sisters by beginning to take cello lessons, and she later sang in choirs, before studying art and music in Brighton beginning in 1994 while in her late teens. During her studies, she found a variety of influences, including various Gospel and Soul artists, including Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin and Jill Scott.

British soul singer Alice Russell has a net worth of $5 million dollars, as of 2020.

Born: March 1, 1975 in Suffolk County, England. Raised in Framlingham, Suffolk, England.

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Music Career

After committing to a music career, she began making a name for herself as a complimentary vocalist in the early 2000s and was featured on recordings by Latin Soul and House music group Bah Samba, Funk Soul producer DJ Quantic, producer/bandleader TM Juke and recording artist Ben Lamdin, aka Nostalgia 77. Her debut album, Under The Munka Moon was released in the UK via the Tru Thoughts label in 2004. It was a collection of new material and songs she had previously collaborated on with various other creators. Her second album, My Favourite Letters, followed in 2005 and was co-written and produced by TM Juke. Her third album, Pot of Gold, was the first to be commercially released in the United States and is best known for her bluesy cover of the Gnarls Barkley song “Crazy.” Her second U.S. solo album, To Dust, followed in 2013.


Early in her professional career, Alice made her mark appearing on recordings by other artists, particularly ones on the label she was with at the time, Tru Thoughts. These collaborations included a soulful remake of the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” with Nostalgia 77. In August 2007, she and Tru Thoughts parted ways, with the label releasing a statement stating that it “felt it was appropriate to allow Alice to look for alternative outlets for her releases.” She returned to the label in 2012 however, for Look Around the Corner, a collaborative album with Tru Thoughts mainstay Quantic.

Vocal Style

Over the course of her career, Alice Russell has been compared to the likes of Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and many of the classic Soul artists she grew up admiring. She is one of numerous British female vocalists known for their soulful sound, with some of the others being Joss Stone, Duffy and the late, great Amy Winehouse.

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‘Look Around the Corner’

Alice Russell may not be as well known in the U.S. and around the world as other members of the new school of British pop-Soul singers, such as Joss Stone, Adele and the late Amy Winehouse, but that doesn’t mean she’s not as talented. And on her latest album, where she teams up with British born, Columbia-based producer Quantic, she shows that she deserves her placement as one of the better modern Soul singers of our time. Throughout Look Around the Corner, which was released in the U.S. April 3, 2012 via the Tru Thoughts label, Alice and Quantic experiment with not just Soul, but bossa nova, salsa, Funk and jazz. The result is a musically adventurous and sonicly pleasing mix of sounds that seems familiar but at the same time is totally unique.

Although it’s clear on Look Around the Corner that both Alice Russell and Quantic have a deep love and appreciation for classic Soul — as well as numerous other musical genres — they’re not out to create carbon copies of the sounds created by others. The album has both a classic and modern feel to it, and the same can be said for the vocals of Alice Russell, a talented woman who hasn’t come to receiving the attention or acclaim her talent warrants. Although it’s primarily Quantic’s production that rules the album, it’s Alice’s rich, throaty Soul vocals that give Look Around the Corner it’s Soul, literally and figuratively. Imagine if a young Aretha Franklin had teamed up with legendary Jazz musician Dave Brubek and his band for a full album, or if Lauryn Hill collaborated with the Cuban musicians of the Buena Vista Social Club, and you’ll get the idea. Among the album’s highlights are the soulful “I’ll Keep My Light in My Window,” the one song on which Alice cuts loose the most and sounds the least restrained. Also deserving of praise are the Latin-flavored “Su Suzy,” “Booglaoo 33” and “I’d Cry,” all of which feature Quantic’s multicultural band the Combo Barbaro.

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If there’s one drawback to the album, it’s the same as one the album’s greatest strengths: the voice of Alice Russell. Like some of her past material, the vocal performances are somewhat inconsistent. She sounds great on the aforementioned songs, but on others, such as “Magdalena” and the second song, “Here Again,” her voice is somewhat flat or pitchy at times, and for the most part lacks the richness that’s so apparent on some of her other songs. But by and large, despite it’s few weaker moments, Look Around the Corner is for the most part an ear-pleasing experiment and experience.

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