How much is Alex Ariza worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Boxing Trainer
Date of Birth:Unknown
Country:United States of America

Who Is Alex Ariza

When you look at boxing in recent years over the last decade or so, it seems that the promotion of the sport in it’s premier market of the United States, can sometimes almost spill over into the farcical side of the “hype machine” where extreme controversy, shock value type behavior is what is used in promotion of the big pay per view events through the various TV programming. One man that’s certainly been at the center of some controversy in recent years is the well known strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza. The fact Ariza is not even a boxing coach or former fighter himself and yet has gathered so much camera time in recent years is testament to this. Let’s take a look at how this controversial boxing character got started out.

Today Alex Ariza has a net worth of $5 million dollars in 2020.

I’ve looked up information on Ariza before he got into boxing but there really is limited notes out there which is fascinating in itself in that he really seems to have come out of nowhere in the boxing game when he burst onto the scene a few years ago through his work with the legendary Manny Pacquiao. Ariza started working with Manny roughly when he started going on that mad run around the time he beat Oscar and went on to blast through the divisions biggest and baddest fighters, cutting through them like a chainsaw. Central to this great run at the time was of course Freddie Roach but also Ariza who Pacquiao credited at the time as a huge part of his

success. Ariza essentially seems to know how to to get the best out of nutrition and push the human body physically during training without compromising a fighters ability to go back the next day to boxing training and not feel totally drained. 

In the beginning of Manny’s career he seemed like a cool enough guy to me who seemed innovative and kept behind the scenes doing his job in a professional manner. I think the real problems began when he started going in the corner of Pacquiao fights with Freddie Roach and “Bu Boy” and almost thinking that he could contribute to what was going on in the ring when in essence his job was to get the fighter in good physical condition, end of.

He since went on to fall out with Roach and split from team Pacquiao and found himself working with other professional fighters in recent years like Brandon Rios and working closely with Robert Garcia in the training process of “Bam Bam”. Last year when Pacquiao fought Rios I found the video clips of Ariza kicking Freddie Roach in an argument before the fight to be fairly disgusting if I’m honest. Here’s what Ariza’s take was. It wasn’t just the fact he kicked a man who has an illness but also the fact he took liberty in mocking the man about this illness. There are just some lines you don’t cross and that was very uncool for me.

He’s then found himself yet again switching camps with the announcement that was teaming up with none other than the sport’s cash cow himself, Floyd Mayweather.

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