16 Alcoholic Drinks That Won’t Make You Bloated, Perfect For Summer!

It’s no secret that alcohol isn’t the best thing for your health and can have you not feeling, or looking, your best. It can make you feel tired, sick, or bloated. These are some of the most annoying things that can happen when you are trying to enjoy a night out with your friends, on vacation at the beach or when you’re on a date. Don’t worry, this does not mean you need to stop drinking completely. Fortunately, there is a variety of drinks to choose from, which can have different effects on your body. Whether you love wine, beer or hard liquor, there are healthy options for everyone.

If you want to avoid the dreadful bloated feeling, there are certain drinks that you can avoid. For example, drinks that contain wheat, yeast, and gluten, such as beer, are some of the worst choices. While drinks that are distilled, such as vodka or gin, can be enjoyed without adding that extra bloated feeling to your night. Here is a list of beverages we recommend ordering the next time you want to feel your best at a girls night out.

1. Tequila on the rocks

When it comes to tequila, it isn’t always about taking shots. It may sound strong if you’re used to drinking your tequila in a margarita or mixed with some type of fruit juice, but enjoying some tequila on the rocks (with a little bit of water to lessen the blow) is not only consumed at a slower rate, which means you drink less, but it also has fewer carbohydrates.

2. Vodka and seltzer


Much of the time, it’s the added sugars, sweet juices, and mixers that can have you feeling bloated. Next time you want to enjoy a vodka drink, try mixing it with some seltzer instead. Unlike more common vodka drinks such as vodka cranberries and vodka tonics, seltzer contains no added sugar.

3. Red wine

The best types of drinks to consume when you are trying to avoid bloating are the ones that don’t contain gluten or wheat. Red wine specifically, contains absolutely no wheat and also contains tanins, which are said to be good for your heart. No bloating and a healthy heart? We’ll take some more red wine, please.

4. Michelada

If you love spice and hot sauce, then this is the drink for you. This one is easy to make at home, and won’t have you feeling bad after you drink it. Start off with some light beer and add Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, pepper, a little bit of sea salt. Then just pour over ice!

5. Bloody Mary

Similar to Michelada is the famous bloody mary. This morning favorite is also a low-calorie beverage. Begin with an unflavored vodka and add a low-sodium tomato or vegetable juice. Again add Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, horseradish, and some pepper and feel free to add whatever type of vegetables you like! We recommend the classic celery and some asparagus.

6. Seabreeze

Want something sweet that is only 180 calories? Then this vodka drink is perfect for you. Mix your favorite unflavored vodka with a bit of grapefruit juice and a splash of cranberry juice. Be sure to make sure the juices you choose are either fresh squeezed or low in added sugars and high in vitamins and minerals. The trick here is to add water or club soda and ice to dilute the cocktail and reduce the amount of juice needed.

7. Tequila soda

Although simple, this one is one of our favorites on the list. Take your favorite tequila and combine it with some seltzer water. Top it off with some lemon and limes and you have a delicious low-cal tequila drink that may be your new replacement for a margarita.

8. Corona Light


Some people actually say they prefer the taste of the light version of Corona to the regular version. Corona light, similar to many other light beers only has around 104 calories. The beer has a bit of a sweeter taste as well, making it one of our favorites of the light beers.

9. Vodka gimlet


This one is for all of the martini lovers out there who want to avoid feeling gassy, bloated, and gross. Martini’s usually consist of added syrups, sugars, and juices that can leave you not feeling your best, but this gimlet isn’t too bad for a martini. Made with Absolut Citron vodka and two ounces of lime juice you can’t go wrong with this vodka drink.

10. Gin and tonic

Everyone loves this classic. One ounce of gin and three ounces of tonic water contains only around 100 calories. Add a bit of lime for flavor and you have an easy-to-make beverage that won’t have you feeling bloated.

11. Michelob Ultra

Beer is definitely not the best choice of drink if you’re looking to not feel bloated after consuming it. But if you are beer lover like many of us are, then you do have options that will have you feeling less bloated than the regular heavy beers. Instead try opting for a light beer, like Michelob Ultra. Did we mention it’s only 95 calories?

12. White wine (not the bubbly kind)

If you decide that wine is the way to go to avoid the dreaded bloating feeling, we recommend choosing red. However, we understand that red wine isn’t for everyone and sometimes white just goes better with your meal. This is understandable, just make sure it’s not bubbly prosecco or champagne.

13. Gin on the rocks

If you’re not a lover of gin, this drink is definitely not for you. But like we mentioned before, the best way to avoid being bloated is to drink beverages such as vodka, tequila, and gin on the rocks. By doing this and holding the mixers, you don’t consume sugars, wheat or carbonation that could make you gassy or give you that full bloated feeling.

14. Jack and diet coke

Is whiskey your drink of choice? The classic jack and coke, although delicious, is full of carbs, mainly because of the soda. An easy and ~healthy~ (depending on your thoughts on diet soda) alternative to this drink is Jack and diet coke. By just switching the regular coke to diet coke the cocktail no longer has carbohydrates and is only 100 calories.

15. Bud Light Lime

Another beer that could be a better option as opposed to a regular beer or lager is Bud Light Lime. This light beer is only 116 calories and already has the great flavor of lime without even needing to add one!

16. Heineken Light


Different from the original version of the beer, Heineken Light is fairly odorless and is much better for you (and your stomach). Checking in at only 99 calories, this light beer is the perfect refreshing drink to end our list.

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