How much is Adrian Adonis worth?

Net Worth:$2 Million
Profession:Professional Wrestler
Date of Birth:September 15, 1953
Country:United States of America
1.8 m

Who Is Adrian Adonis

Keith Adonis Franke was an American professional wrestler, known by his ring name Adrian Adonis. Adrian Adonis had a net worth of about $2 million dollars at the time of his death, in 1988.

The following is a timeline of the WWE career of Adrian Adonis as well as other highlights from his wrestling career.  Listed below are the results of every pay-per-view match he has appeared in (excluding battle royals he was not a part of the ending of) as well as every match he competed in at Madison Square Garden since most of his WWE career took place prior to the advent of PPV.


  • 7/20 – The East-West Connection (Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura) won the AWA Tag Team Championship from Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon via forfeit


  • 6/14 – The High Flyers (Jim Brunzell & Greg Gagne) won the AWA Tag Team Championship from The East-West Connection


  • 1/18 MSG – beat WWE Champion Bob Backlund due to the referee stopping the bout due to bleeding
  • 2/15 MSG – lost to WWE Champion Bob Backlund in a Texas Death Match featuring Ivan Putski as the special guest referee
  • 3/14 MSG – lost to Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales
  • 4/26 MSG – beat Pete Sanchez
  • 6/5 MSG – Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura lost to Chief Jay & Jules Strongbow
  • 6/28 MSG – lost to Tony Garea via DQ


  • 5/26 – Adrian Adonis beat Bob Orton Jr. in the tournament final to become the inaugural SCW World Heavyweight Champion. (Southwest Championship Wrestling was the company to have wrestling on the USA Network before WWE aired on the network).  There was a fictitious title change a few months later where he lost the title to Scott Casey right before the title was abandoned due to WWE taking over the company’s time slot on USA.


  • 4/17 – Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch won the World Tag Team Championship from Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson
  • 6/16 MSG – w/Dick Murdoch fought The Wild Samoans to a draw
  • 7/23 MSG – w/Dick Murdoch beat Sgt. Slaughter & Terry Daniels
  • 8/25 MSG – w/Dick Murdoch beat The Wild Samoans via DQ
  • 9/22 MSG – Dick Murdoch, Adrian Adonis & Captain Lou Albano lost to Sgt. Slaughter & The Wild Samoans
  • 10/22 MSG – lost to Sika via DQ
  • 12/28 MSG – w/Dick Murdoch fought Jack & Jerry Brisco to a double count-out


  • 1/21 – Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch lost the World Tag Team Championship to Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo
  • 6/21 MSG – Big John Studd, Bobby Heenan & Adrian Adonis beat George Steele, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo via DQ
  • 7/13 MSG – beat Jose Luis Rivera
  • 9/23 MSG – beat Rick McGraw
  • 10/21 MSG – beat SD Jones
  • 11/7 Wrestling Classic – beat Cpl. Kirchner in the first round of the tournament before losing to Dynamite Kid in the following round
  • 12/30 MSG – beat Lanny Poffo


  • 1/27 MSG – beat Junkyard Dog via DQ
  • 2/17 MSG – beat George Steele via DQ
  • 3/1 Saturday Night’s Main Event # 5 – beat Junkyard Dog
  • 4/7 WrestleMania 2 – beat Uncle Elmer
  • 5/3 SNME #6 – beat Paul Orndorff via DQ
  • 6/14 MSG – Adrian Adonis & Randy Savage beat Bruno Sammartino & Tito Santana via count-out
  • 7/12 MSG – Bruno Sammartino & Tito Santana beat Adrian Adonis & Randy Savage in a Cage Match
  • 8/25 MSG – beat Tony Atlas


  • 1/3 SNME #9 – beat Roddy Piper via count-out
  • 2/23 MSG – Ricky Steamboat, Junkyard Dog & Roddy Piper beat Randy Savage, Harley Race & Adrian Adonis in an Elimination Match
  • 3/29 WrestleMania III – lost to Roddy Piper in a Hair vs. Hair Match in a match which was billed as Roddy Piper’s Retirement Match


  • 7/4 – Keith Franke and three other wrestlers were killed in a car accident in Canada.  He was only 33 years old at the time of his passing.
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